13 June 2009

How my garden grows...

With spinach and broccoli and lettuces...And baskets of muscial instruments and beds of nettles and assorted weeds and wildflowers and children on swings...Tiny irridescent green spiders and big brown voracious slugs and stripey long grasses and lots of mud... Creativity and joy and movement and colour.My first apple in four years, appearing on the lazy apple tree!
Space for climbing and jumping and playing. Space for family and friends and time together.Washing on the line, colours in the sun, a thousand little stories of everyday life...Our own little patch of heaven. Food for the kitchen and the heart.


  1. Your broccoli is looking good!

  2. I love that - thousand stories of everyday life - regarding the washing line - I couldn't agree more :) Gardens at this time of year just feel like such happy places, there is no where else on earth I'd rather be than in mine with my family :) I love your post on this :)


  3. :) Just wanted to say how much your blog is making me smile at the moment! :)

  4. Lisa: the broccoli is totally taking over! I had no idea it would get so huge lol.

    Thankyou ladies, nice to know you're enjoying sharing this season with us.

  5. Your garden is looking great!


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