15 June 2009

Parental memo...

...try not to swear...

...or laugh...

...or cry...

...when your beautiful blonde two-year-old daughter climbs up to the top of the bathroom cabinet before anyone else is awake...

...and finds the scissors!

She is now a little pixie boy, and there's not a thing I can do about it! Well, you can see what she thinks of it. She thinks it is very funny and clever. "Me cut hair done it own!!" I'm still a little shocked, and in mourning for the pigtails - though I suppose they were false advertising... *sigh*

I just know we're going to be stopped by at least five people in town today to ask what happened to it, and I'm going to writhe with parental guilt the first time and get thoroughly cross by the third!

When Jenna came down she just couldn't stop laughing. "Don't worry," she said, "it will grow back!"

Stay calm, breathe, it will all be OK. At least she didn't cut her ear off...


  1. It is kind of cute though.
    And won't it grow back thicker?
    And you can always girlie her up a bit with headbands, cute ribbons etc.
    And at least she'll not do it when she's older.
    Ok not what you want to hear but just thought I'd share all the things said to me when Jen did the same. Only she was 6 and wouldn't set foot out of the door afterwards!!! And hers was even more drastic, super thick dark hair shorn to within 1cm of her scalp right down one side of her head! Aaaarrrghhh!
    Big hugs to you in your shock, to the ever optomistic Jenna...... and of course to Morgan who makes the most the charming little pixie boy ever.

  2. Aw thanks Becks. I know lol, I keep getting, "How did she get hold of scissors?!!" (My grandparents...) And also, "She just wants to be like her mummy!"

    She is quite a charming pixie. She looks skinny without the long fringe though!

  3. Ahhh she's bloomin' gorg - not everyone gets away with elfin hair crops: she's soooo in-vogue right now - your child is a fashion icon hon! xxx p.s. Move the scissors! xxx

  4. i know it must have been a bit of a shock , poor you, but i have to say it looks quite sweet xx my step daughter did this too bless her and it came back thicker x

  5. Yeah, I rather like it, she looks very cute.

    And impressive really that she managed to cut it all over like that, she must have fantastic motor skills with scissors.

    Big hugs, must have been a shock and a little scary knowing she'd been able to get hold of scissors, but what kid hasn't done this???

    (and hey be grateful she cut her own hair! ;) )

  6. Oops! I did that when I was little; bit less drastic though.

    Hugs, it actually looks really cute. I understand you missing the pigtails, they were cute too.

  7. oh but Mama she looks so darn cute, she is a real beauty .. gets it from her stunner of a mama I guess xx

  8. oh lummy that made me gasp,then laugh lol! We have a bell tied at the top of the smalls door,if they come out of their room it jangles & that mama reflex jolts me from even a deep slumber lol! I hear them pitter patter down here(we are in the attic see so up a floor from them) & I know its time for mama to get up & join them before they find something I never thought they would!
    She looks very cute,as others said least its even lol! A girl cut a huge chunk off one of my plaits at school once grr pah lol!!
    GTM x

  9. I think it looks very cute. And Jenna is right, it WILL grow back :)

    If anyone asks you could say she was very grown up and chose her own haircut, then they might assume that means an adult did the actual cutting!

  10. It is so cute though!
    She may not ever grow out of the scissor thing though. My OH still can't look at a pair of scissors without cutting off all his lovely long hair.

    There is something so delightfully snippy about them though

  11. oh dear what a little pickle x


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