2 June 2009

The many small but good happenings of today

Naptime!! Yes, actual sleeping! After a morning snack (hard boiled egg, bread and butter, carrot and cucumber sticks) and with the support of lavender oil, chamomile tea, and a morning spent in the garden.Lunchtime. When they got up we made this bento lunch (ie small portions, displayed prettily - this would HAVE to be a Japanese invention). They ate more than I've ever seen them eat at lunchtime before, but left the crisps. *grins*After more time in the garden, and some stories, Jenna decided she was going to tell Rosie's Walk on her own. And she did. Morgan even watched instead of knocking it all down!Jenna held Rowan without swinging her around or bumping her about. Rowan responded by peeing all over her! This morning I realised that after a couple of really good days of feeling tuned in and contentedly present with the little one, I had put her in nappies all day yesterday without thinking about it. Was I feeling a lack of confidence because I was out of sorts - or was I more out of sorts because I was on Old Parenting Style Autopilot? Anyhow, a little later Jenna was having another cuddle today, and grabbed a nappy just in time to get it underneath a little weeing baby. When I asked her if she knew Rowan needed to potty, she said that she only just realised she wasn't wearing a nappy. Sibling intuition?

Last but not least, after the boring food shopping I managed to find some of the essential oils we're running low on AND new yoga position cards! We love Yoga Pretzels. Now we have Yoga Planet too. :)


  1. Am so glad you had a good day today x x

  2. Very pleased to hear that today was full of good things xx

  3. Now the trick is to do it two days in a row!! ;)

    Glad yesterday went well, and I the love Rosie's walk enactment, one of my favourite books!


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