16 June 2009

Had to share...

...this picture of a bat by Jenna. She truly astonishes me EVERY SINGLE DAY. :)

And look at this little munchkin. Lovingly knitted baby clothes an added extra cuteness...In other news, have been to the park, baked bread, painted with grasses and flowers, played farms, done some writing (Jenna had an important letter she needed to write, she told me - to grandma it turned out) and worked on some surprises for fathers day. It is gorgeously sunny and the garden is calling to me but I'm still busy looking for someone else official to rant at about the Badman thing...

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  1. Did you see the feet campaign hon, I think it is a lovley idea, i.e. draw around or, in Jenna's case she can do it herself, the kid's feet and then add the slogan "No, voting with our feet" and any other message you feel appropriate and post to Ed Ball's office.

    I've put the link on the GP forum with the address to his office.

    Writing/emailing to all the MPs in yor area, whether labour, conservative, lib dem, green etc and feeling them out on this issue.

    And going back to your beautiful kids; the bat drawing is great, Jenna is so expressive! And awww how cute does Rowan look!



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