17 June 2009

Itinery for a really really bad day

- Cry on woman from income support who won't let me talk about our claim for Martin's parental leave.

- Argue with doctor about vaccinations.
- Have doctor worry about baby's head circumference because the tape measure slipped.
- Refuse to continue to argue with doctor about vaccinations.
- Remove two children from doctor's cabinet where they are unwrapping sharps.
- Spend rest of appointment fending off Morgan's requests for milk.

- Try to do shopping with two children who have been shut in GP surgery for over an hour. With last £3 to take us through to monday.
- Nearly lose Morgan, who runs out of shop and right into front of moving vehicle.
- Get down the street, in tears from fright, let go of octopus-struggling toddler who doesn't understand what the fuss is about, only to have her walk out into the road.
- Grab toddler and practically throw onto pavement as car turns into road and nearly hits her. Second near miss in under ten minutes.
- Lose Jenna in someone's driveway, where she is disassembling their beautiful white pebbled path.
- Nearly lose BOTH children because they are trying to reach a foxglove before I realise what it is and forbid this activity.
- Nearly leave Jenna behind because she is now trying to poke a wallflower and I am crying again and don't notice she has fallen behind.

- Get back inside house, insist on naptime, take a break for a while. Drink fennel tea (yuck).
- Cry on woman from council because housing benefit claim has been cancelled due to income support delay. Have children wake up and go crazy so I can't hear what she's saying anyway.
- Send children outside, cry on different woman from income support, who agrees that we ought to have been paid by now and she will sort it all out - on monday.
- Problem solve row between Jenna and nextdoor's child.
- Clear up (clean) cat litter that Morgan has discovered.
- Problem solve row between Jenna and nextdoor's child.
- Fix bike that Morgan has enterprisingly tried to take apart.
- Problem solve row between Jenna and nextdoor's child.
- Remove Morgan from side of swing frame, where she has climbed and got stuck.
- Problem solve row between Jenna and nextdoor's child. Shut own children back inside house to prevent further shouting of "I'm not your friend any more!"

- Hold screaming baby for one hour. Drink fennel tea (yuck).
- Cook tea with storecupboard random ingredients and find it is inedible.
- Feed family cereal for tea. Try to get screaming toddler in bed.
- Hold screaming baby for another hour. Drink more fennel tea (yuck).
- Look around at mess and realise that nothing can be done about it without a flamethrower and biohazard suit.
- Put screaming baby down on floor and retreat to computer with cold fennel tea (double yuck) and hope that silence upstairs means children and husband have stopped shouting at each other.

- Next step suggestions anyone? :S


  1. I was trying to think of something intelligent or worthwhile to say but am too tired after my own bad day! I hope tomorrow is better! hugs x

  2. Not really anything to say, just sending huge hugs and positive thoughts that you should have a better day tomorrow.

    Is there something in the water today? Toby keeps running off from me as well.

  3. ((((((HUGS))))))))
    Tomorrow is another day.

    Sarah x

  4. Take a deep breath and relax , what a day eh x tomorrow will be better x

  5. Long soak in bath.
    Poor you. It sounds like a nightmare day. Lets hope tomorrow will be better xx

  6. Things I am sending you:
    a moment of calm
    lots of virtual love
    the knowledge that even though I don't know you, I was here and shed a tear on behalf of your amazingly awful day.

    Take care, Sarah. I hope tomorrow is better.

  7. Heave a big sigh and recognise it's been a horrible day and thankfully fall into your own bed when possible and hope the morning brings a happier day :)



    (If you can manage a hot bath, might be an idea too)

  8. (((((HUGS))))) firstly, next step - clean up what you can (so you're not faced with it in the morning) retreat to bed and start with a clean slate all round tomorrow...oh and more (((((HUGS)))))

  9. Oh dear hun ((hugs)) you have such a way with words that I actually giggled at that. I know, I know, not funny at all. Tomorrow is a new day and lets hope a better one too... if all else fails, eat chocolate (and if you don't have any, I'll try to fix that)! xxx

  10. Oh dear, poor you...

    Go to bed early, write the day off and start again in the morning...

  11. Gin?

    Deep breaths, tomorrow is another day. You've had all your sh*t today, so the rest of the week will be a delightful, problem-free zone!

    *big hug*

  12. Next step: Accept many virtual hugs from supportive, loving blog friends everywhere who also have days like this. xxx

  13. Very Bad Day(see - deserving of captialization and everything!).

    Have you tried the peppermint & fennel ones? I found them slightly more tolerable than the straight fennel.

    You're doing a fab job - don't let the bad days get you down too much....

    Broken Man's wife

  14. Oh you poor poor thing. Sending lots of hugs your way and hoping that you all feel better today and that today goes a LOT better for you.

    Uma x

  15. Sounds like a tough day (understatment of the year) - I hope today is going better. I try to have a calm after the storm day after one like this - don't go anywhere or do anything, just rest, eat some chocolate and close one eye so the mess doesn't look as bad. Hugs Clair

    Ps bless morgan the pixie child :-)

  16. Angie hun the peppermint and fennel were fab but I ran out lol. :)

    I managed to have a good laugh after blogging, went and rescued the baby and had a bit of a cry at having left her, and got an early night. Today has been so so much better! Thankyou all for being here.


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