2 June 2009

This child...

... grew so fast I still hold an image of her in my head as this little crawling thing with a light fuzz of white-blonde. This child can climb ANYTHING. This child makes mud pies and draws on walls and runs faster than a four year old and is obsessed with transport. This child can't be given a pen without ending up with stripy legs.

This child loves to eat - but only a bite of each thing given - except puddings. This child stomps her foot and puts her hands on her hips when she says, "No!" to me.

This child sees a pretty dress and exclaims, "Bairy!" She clearly feels like a fairy in anything swishy at all because she has to stop and admire herself every few paces. This child does not normally wear anything swishy because of the afformentioned mud and transport and artistic propensities.

This child still puts pauses in between her words even now she's talking in full sentences. This child *only just* learned to say, "Jenna" - though sometimes she still says, "Nenna" instead. "Rowan" is still "Row-row".

This child has to play birthdays at least once a day. This child feeds us things that she calls cake, and makes us pretend to blow out the candles after singing her very own version of the birthday song. This child just CANNOT understand that Rowan can't blow out candles yet, and coaches her in a sweet little teacher tone.

This child snuggles up for milk with a toy car in one hand and a bag of bits and pieces in the other. This child collects stones everywhere we go, filling bags and pockets with the things to be secretly emptied by a dispairing parent.

This child hasn't worn a nappy at night this week.

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