18 June 2009

All smiles...

Today is a brand new day.And we have charity shop books (yay).Also, I have adopted another cat. Actually, a tiny quivering ball of kitten, to be precise. It was found by some teenagers we know, and seems to have ended up living here, because I am a sucker and it was clearly out of its tiny wits.

I have no idea what our other (evil, needy, insane) cat will think. Or my husband, come to that!

In fact, I have no idea about a lot of things - including what gender the thing is because it is currently a little heap of terrified ginger fur under my computer and it won't come out for anything. If my computer dies, we can safely blame the new addition to the family for peeing on the wires...


  1. Oh I do get kitten broody, poor little mite. Hope it recovers soon and settles in. It looks ever so tiny. xx

  2. Glad today was better...nohing like books and a needy 'person' is there!

  3. Aw Lisa, how far are you willing to travel? ;) Am really worried about making kitty introductions with the hell-cat...

    Sam, it is really teeny - think it's only 9 weeks, max. I can't imagine why it would be alone and ravenous at such a young age apart from someone dumping the poor little thing. :(

  4. awwwwww parkin is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute (ginger parkin - you have to call him/her this)

    get rid of evil cat and keep this one. evil cat is well...evil!! lol

    kim xx

  5. Ivor the Engine!!!!! I so remember Ivor the Engine from when I was was a child! My mum used to read it to us in a proper Welsh accent (what with her coming from Wales, you know!). She didn't have one normally, but for Ivor the Engine it made a special appearance!

    Ok, trip down memory lane over....glad you've had a better day,

    Broken Man's Wife

  6. oooh cute smiles and cute kitty you have pressed my broody button x


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