27 October 2008

A very earth-mothery weekend

On Saturday we had a quiet day; A peaceful walk, stopping in the woods to make mudpies (and realising that we had to get into grandmas car with dirty hands!). Then Jenna rolled some more candles for Christmas presents.

The girls cut up apples for a snack, Jenna making circle slices across the middle to show lots of stars, before letting me cut around the star to give her finished apple rings to eat. We intended to make cake, but all five apples got eaten in the end with some help from Daddy.

We did some re-organising on the season table, and I tried my hand at making a felted bowl by winding wool around a balloon. It worked, but wasn't exactly bowl shaped by the time it was done!

After Church on Sunday we came home and cleaned the house. I wasn't feeling sick for once, so I cleared those areas of the house that never get dealt with. The piles of paperwork and "useful stuff" by the PC, the craft things that have been piling up on the dining table since I stopped cooking. The window sill (again).

Interspersed with stories, cuddles, and milk.

We had tea at the table, like we used to, with lots of candles lit (and tea lights in the jars the children painted last week). For the forty-hundredth time, we ARE going to keep the house like this. And we ARE going to keep the table clear so we eat at it EVERY evening. Of course, I'm back to being ill again today...

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  1. Ilove how serious Jenna's face is as she's cutting the apple! Morgan jenna are growing up so beautifully :)


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