22 October 2008

The dangers of internet shopping for an unschooler

I love Waldorf toys. I really really want a large round mandala-type puzzle, and some more Ostheimer-type figures. This has a *little* to do with what I can forsee my children wanting to add to their play in the next four years, and quite a bit to do with them just being Beautiful Things and me liking having Beautiful Things around us.

I don't know if this makes me by nature un-green, or materialistic, or foolish. Um, or a combination. But I have just spent a happy hour between HERE (Mamakopp's etsy site) and HERE (spectrum wooden toys) looking at things that I will not buy because I don't currently have money for food. But I might just manage to spend my birthday money on them.

Think I'm crazy? Probably spot on there, friends. But I think they're a worthwhile investment. ;) And when those little hands pick up those things I fell in love with, how could a mother not smile?


  1. He he, I've spent the day trying to work out how I could "find/earn/justify" spending some more money on toys for T from the new myriad catalogue!!

  2. Hey there's worst ways to spend our money - right!

  3. Another Waldort toy fan here :0 You should see my list ready for the 1st of next month, when I get to place a myriad order for a few christmas bits, craft things and maybe a few books too lol!

  4. lol Gina I can believe it. We get paid on tuesday, and I have to decide which list is more important. ;)

    If I'm wasting my money at least I'm wasting it on things we genuinely all get to *enjoy*, not (as once upon a time) on takeaway food, transport costs, clothes etc.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I am so happy you love my toys so much. If $ is an issue, do you make anything that you could barter? :)

    Times are so tough right now that most of my etsy $ has been spent on food too.

    It will all change soon.... I hope *gulp*

    Wooden toys are wonderful and tend to stay in the family and are played with for generations.

  6. Hello! We did decide last night that given the value for money your sets represent we will definately have an order when we get paid. :) The choosing may well prove tough though. ;)


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