8 October 2008

Lookie what I have!

Yes, I have my parcel from Myriad. :D

Beeswax sheets for candle making (the house smells gorgeous - finally, a smell that doesn't make me feel ill), beeswax plasticine (about twice the size packet I thought it would be), a blue gnome house for the winter season table, and two ostheimer pieces.

This time last year I would have said that the Ostheimer things were about the only items in Myriad that I wouldn't want. I just didn't see the appeal. But as Jenna has gotten older and our toy priorities have got more and more simple and natural, they started to make more sense. Our farm animals are an odd bunch. We have some very garish totally flat wooden chickens. Some fairly simple and fairly bright, toddler type, wooden farm animals. A felt horse and some felt pigs that I made myself. And two lightly coloured rustic-ly carved Ostheimer horses.

When I decided we were going to get the horses, I was still unconvinced. But Jenna really really wanted horses and I was unwilling to resort to plastic (especially pink plastic). But as soon as I saw the horses, I confess I fell in love with them. And started plotting to afford maybe one or two of the forest animals too, and maybe a couple of fairy tale figures (one of Jenna's favorite games is re-enacting elaborate and sometimes totally invented fairy tales which she tells with deft skill and a real feel for the language of myth and legend). So today, we added to our toy baskets a sweet little fox and a frog prince. :)

It seems strange (even to me) that as a family with so little spare money we should find spending around £12 on just two small wooden figures to be a good use of our resources. Then again we have spent around £50 on Christmas presents for both girls including filling stockings and buying new clothes. Because we make and get second hand the majority, and don't go for quantity except as far as pairs of socks are concerned. And £12 could be one little Dora the Explorer beanie, or a Night Garden umberella, right?

Yeah, I'm not trying to make sense. ;) I'm rapturously delighted with the little fox, and want to get back to sniffing my candle kit.


  1. Money well spent Sarah ;-)
    I would say enjoy but I know you will and already are xx

  2. What a lovely parcel Sarah, glad you've found a 'nice' smell!

  3. I love myriad. Let me know what the bees max plastacine is like, I was looking at it last night in the catelogue and umming and arrring....

    Ohhh and you should receive a parcel from me today! :-))

  4. Wow, am very jealous over here... can't wait to get their new ctclogue and start Christmas shopping!

  5. Fantastic! We have the running fox too :0)

  6. Joxy the cookies are AMAZING! Thankyou so much. :)

    The plastacine is lovely, but very very hard when cold. I had to warm it and kneed it quite a bit before Morgan could use it, but it was magical once soft. She was spellbound! As I posted yesterday, it's a nice big block. The corrugated packet it's shown against are just bigger than A4.


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