27 October 2008

Oh my poor head...

I have told my children to "SHUT UP!" at least twice in the last hour. I don't know what this blog post is *for* except to say that this is not a parenting tactic I advise, and maybe to demonstrate once more for the doubters that I am not a naturally gentle person.

How many times in five minutes can one person hear the same line of one song?? How many times in four hours? How many times does the toddler have to shriek a banshee-like protest at the pre-schooler picking her up AGAIN after being told to keep her hands to herself at least twice that number of times?

How is one human being supposed to keep their sanity with this, for days at a time? I haven't felt this frustrated for weeks - maybe I don't have the energy to notice stuff that bugs me when I'm throwing up every few minutes (or maybe locking myself in the bathroom is the answer to the noise issue).

If it weren't tipping it down I could turn them out into the garden, but even I'm not that mean. Actually, I AM that mean but I don't want to be cleaning mud out of my carpet for the next few weeks.

Breathing exercises are not cutting it. I need earplugs.


  1. Big ((((hugs) )))) to you hon. Last week I found myself saying to my 5 month old, "Would you PLEASE just amuse yourself with your toys for 5 MINUTES?". She let me know exactly what she thought of that. xx

  2. I would love to offer you loads of calm, sensible, caring motherly advice and tell how I deal with this kind of thing....but as my boys are at the moment raiding daddy's toolbox and I am allowing them, then you can see where my sanity is at today!
    Love and hugs to you... and if you find the secret to calm, please let me know.


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