14 October 2008

A few days in pictures

A woodland picture by Jenna. She was really upset by having accidentally made one of the flowers and one of the toadstools upside down!

Some beeswax modelling, a tortoise that became Morgan's favorite thing for nearly two days, and a snail by Jenna with conker shell.

Under the sea scene (Jenna telling stories again). I made her a tiny little wax baby and she immediately gave it a shell bed and a tiny scrap of felt for a blanket, and started singing about it sailing along under the sea. I didn't dare try to record the story, as when she notices me engaged in such teacherish activity she either stops altogether or starts making characters die etc in the hopes of getting a really good reaction from me. ;)

Rolled beeswax candles, totally made by Jenna who would not let me help. *sniff* I made the little gnome person though, and the cat ran off with it about ten minutes later. She likes the season table a LOT, and is often sitting in the middle of it chewing on something precious. I might have to move the entire thing, but nowhere is inacessible to a cat... For some reason the cat also eats elastic. And as an extention of that, hair bands.

Some peg knitting; a flower crown. Peaceful work for when I'm lying on the sofa feeling miserable.

A lovely woodland walk, with collecting bags. Jenna collects seeds and pretty leaves. Morgan grabs hands full of what I can only describe as compost. :) I made a leaf crown for Jenna (from one of the new books - Earthwise) and when it broke she hung it in a tree "so everyone can enjoy it when they come here".

Little windows made with tissue paper and collected leaves.

Lavender from the garden drying in my living room.

One of two parcels from wonderful friends. The cookies, though delicious, were less photogenic. Huge grateful hugs to Gina and Joxy for bringing some extra smiles to my week.


  1. You know, you are amazing to be doing all this stuff with the girls while feeling so icky!

    Loved looking at your autumn activity photos, and the beeswax looks so much fun! x

  2. Jenna did most of it more or less without me! But thankyou. :)

    It's been a lovely week. With only the odd screaming tantrum (mine) or descent into utter mayhem ie spitting in each other's hair (them obviously). ;) If the sickness would just go away! Or retreat to mornings only!

  3. wonderful pics and a lovely family :)

    sue xx


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