3 October 2008

I'm one happy mummy

OK so I'm still sick, and Jenna is still a bit sensitive (though she told me this morning that she only wants to go to school if Morgan can go with her and be in her class lol) but I'm happy. For a reason that really marks me out as a terrible consumerist (though wait and see what I bought before you judge too harshly). ;)

I just ordered Earthwise, Festivals Family and Food, Instead of Education, and The Children's Year. And then I went on Myriad and got a beeswax candle kit, some modelling wax, and the Ostheimer Frog Prince.

As I say, I'm one happy mummy. :) I can't wait to start a whole long list of new autumn activities that we're planning, and I'm really excited to read some inspiring new books full of things to do with my precious, wonderful, unique children. First thing on Jenna's list of things she wants to do, driftwood and seed mobiles. But not before driving the cocoon babies around the living room in a "car" aka the bottom half of a broken egg box. :D


  1. How exciting waiting for them to arrive!

  2. I blame you entirely Sarh, as I went on a spending spree after reading your post and ordered, flower fairy figures for the season table, wax-o-glass crayons and waxed tissue paper and Gerda Muller's Autumn board book from myriad. Then moved on to my amazon wishlist and ordered Timeless Simplicity, 'The Unschooling Unmanual', '300 Cooperative games for Children' and a recycling book for Mia and Tarka! Can't wait for it all to arrive.

    We're planning to decorate the window behind the season 'table' with the the crayons and make lanterns and maybe a panel of stained glass with the tissue :) Anyway, it's all your fault lol

    Love Gina xxx

  3. ROFL I don't care! :P

    Sounds fantastic to me, so I'm not remotely apologising for making you spend all that money. :)

    I figured that if there was any space in our budget it ought to go on things that would last and add some sunshine, we've often enough gone and just wasted that spare money on stuff we won't even remember in six months!


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