7 October 2008

Just to let you know

DH cleaned the fridge out this morning and I opened it for the first time all week without being sick. He is a star, and has text me twice today just to tell me I'm beautiful and he loves me. Even when I'm sick and moany and don't do anything around the house. He didn't add that last bit.

My books arrived from Amazon and I spent a happy hour or so looking for ideas and enjoying immersing myself in something wholy positive. If you don't have them already, Families Festivals and Food and Earthwise are ESSENTIAL! :)

Royal Flipping Mail is holding my Myriad parcel because they don't have the sense to leave it with my neighbour who is ALWAYS in and FREQUENTLY takes in parcels for me from other places (including, once, the biggest sack of chicken feed I've ever seen). *sigh*

I spent an hour on the park with the children too and was presented with about ten more conkers from Jenna and an "own" (aka stone) from Morgan.

Some of the playsilks came with us to visit a family we know who own pretty much every bit of plastic known to mankind. It was ten minutes of Sarah Hell until the kids got bored of pressing buttons and guess what they played with for the next hour and a half? :D (smug grin)

Joxy is sending me cookies. What more can I say? And other amazing people are sharing their fantastic handicrafts with me courtesy of the GP Lets scheme. I'm totally spoilt.


  1. Ooooh that's torture... having a Myriad parcel held hostage at the post office! Hope you are feeling okay Sarah. Thank you for visiting my blog... may I put a link to yours from mine?

  2. I went and collected it earlier, but alas can't put a picture up because the internet crashes every time I try. *sigh*

    Wonderful goodies though, I'm delighted with everything as ever. My house smells of beeswax now!

    (And link away, no problem.)


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