18 October 2008

Another list of pregnancy complaints

Well I'm still throwing up. Yup. Still. And I nearly fainted a few times today too, just to make things interesting. On one occasion I got up (slowwly) to see why there was such a clattering in the kitchen, to see Jenna standing in the sink waving and laughing at Morgan in the garden. I got as far as, "Um, Jenna..." before the world went whirly and dark.

So I'm sitting on the cold kitchen floor, thinking, wow - it got really dirty down here. Is is one week since I swept up in here or two? And Jenna nonchalantly squeezes past me and says, "Hi mum. Why are you on the floor? Morgan is trying to get into the swing, I'm going to get my hobbly horse and go and help her. And do some galloping."

I say, "OK honey. I'm just dizzy again. Don't worry about me."
"I wasn't." She says, squeezing past again, this time clutching the hobby horse.

We also somehow ended up with visitors. I'm not complaining (yet) because they did my dishes. But yes, it's that family again and we will be babysitting tomorrow night and by the way can they stay an extra four days? All of this, anyway, means that since Morgan and Jenna didn't get along with sharing Jenna's bed last night, Morgan is back to co-sleeping for a week.

This turned out to be a really REALLY good thing, because I woke up twice in the middle of the night with terrifying nightmares about Morgan (I won't go into my pregnant dreams because they would disturb you, honestly). Waking up and feeling her little snuffly breaths next to me was more comforting than I could possible tell. I nearly woke her up hugging and kissing her in sweet relief that she was close and safe and happy and warm.

Right, off to eat tea. And stop Morgan from pretending to throw up in the potty. *rolls eyes*


  1. I had the fainting thing too - I wonder if it goes with the sickness? Apparently, I get really low blood pressure when I'm pregnant which is why my midwives thought I fainted and was dizzy a lot. I wasn't anaemic, despite all the throwing up. Is it the same with you? Not that they ever suggested anything I could about it, mind you! Just wanted to extend my sympathy and let you know that other people have been in the same boat too. I don't know about you, but I always felt so inadequate when other pregnant people sailed by looking full of health and there was me fainting and retching.

  2. Hey you, how are you doing?! Hope you're feeling better yourself, mama.

    My blood pressure is always perfect, which confuses the hell out of my midwife - it's even fine after we've just been arguing about whether I'm going to take the GTT or not this time. ;)

    I do have iron issues though, I don't store ferratin. So one day of inadequate eating and my levels plummet. Not a chance they can give me anything to help though, I throw up iron in any form when I'm like this (including spa tone water).

    It's going to get better soon. Or at least it's going to get better eventually. I hate wishing away another nine months, but I can't wait to have my baby safe in my arms. For some selfish reasons as well as the usual maternal ones.

    Thanks for looking out for me again; I know you've had a miserable time when pregnant too, and for all I don't wish it on anyone it's SO ENCOURAGING when normally I'm surrounded by people who just glowed. ;)

  3. You have my sympathy, the sicness and fainting sound miserable. But hey cool bump!! It is all so worth it in the end.

    Love Rachel xxx

  4. OH wow, look at you all pregnant :-)))) I've lost track of how many weeks you are hon - well depsite the sickness you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo!

    Love the stripy top too :-))

    You take care of yourself.

  5. I'm feeling a lot better thanks, now the cat's ill and DS has a cold - one day we will all be healthy at the same time!
    I thought you might find it good to know that not everyone is glowing while pregnant. I sometimes wanted to punch people who never had a day's sickness. Well, not really, but sometimes...
    At least your blood pressure is fine!


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