30 October 2008

Don't mind me, I'm just a little rain cloud

Well good stuff has happened in the last few days, and nice activities have been done, and busyness has occured, and lovely happy children have been being angelic and sweet and thoughtful and kind. But I haven't felt like blogging about it.

I've been trying very very hard not to be the raincloud in every "normal" conversation. I've accidentally given some cruelly honest replies when I've meant to be gentle and deal with a person in love and understanding rather than impatient cold logic. If any of you are on here reading and know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry, I'm trying!

And then I find that other people are having a gloomy week too, and I think, if I can't be gloomy on my own blog, where can I?

I'm still sick. Every single day - EVERY DAY! I'm slightly dehydrated and drinking too much too fast makes it worse because it makes me more sick. I'm also full of cold. My lovely children are doing so well, with their little snotty noses and their extra shivery need for heating and blankets and cuddles. But I, for some reason, am suffering from what I would normally refer to as Man 'Flu.

All of you lot, you're the best thing that has happened to me all week, and it's hard to be negative around so many kind thoughtful people. But I want a hug now, and to please please Lord stop being sick. :(


  1. Lots and lots of hugs sweetie.

    Tip for drinking, try using a straw might help you to only sip a little amount - as you've discovered, if you gulp your drink down it will make you sick.

  2. Awww Sarah, too far awayon for proper hugs so here's a virtual one ((((HUGS)))). Hoping your sickness will soon decrease if not dsappear

  3. Aw hun, miserable ((hugs)) coming from my end but hugs all the same ;) wish I were nearer (as always)...

  4. Have you tried chewing on chips of ice rather than drinking? It was the only thing that helped me when I was so sick.

  5. Hugs. Hope you feel better soon. And if not - we can all be miserable together!

    Hope the kids feel better too - we have colds here too, but it must be worse when you have little ones depending on you...

    The Broken Man

  6. The ice is the only thing that's kept me out of hospital. Again. :S The hardest thing is not resenting the "again" part. Still have this silly idea that previous hard work should count for something and I should get a pregnancy off for good behaviour. ;)

    Drinking from a straw worked yesterday, for the first time ever! So maybe it is getting better. :)

    The little ones are so much better they're bouncing off the walls today - eek!

  7. Time off for good behaviour must just be too much to ask. We've all got colds too but Tristan's still bouncing off the walls and making me feel tired just watching him!

    Glad the straw worked hun, what a miserable thing hyperemesis is, have you managed to fall in love with any new slings for your future tiny? *grins*

    Oh and P.S. I've started my own blog - it's strangely therapeutic.


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