4 October 2008

The Season Table (again) and other crafty things

Yet another incarnation of the season table.

After the solstice, with the sun packed away until spring and all sorts of goodies from our swap. There have been a lot of harvest-y things going on around here lately, and lots of craft with leaves and seeds and similar. I'm feeling very much like if I keep having lazy days with the children and not finding activities, for all I believe in free play, we will drive each other up the wall.

Jenna's Seed Mobile. Made yesterday from lots of her collected items.

And, inspired by Claire and her lovely family, a sweet little bracelet made for Morgan by Jenna - who wants it to be a Christmas present so insisted on hiding it away every time her sister came near when crafting! It's from a loo roll middle, suitably trimmed down, and wound around with some lovely green wool. :)


  1. Ilove the mobile, think I will try and make a similar one using the the wood we collected on a walk this week :)

  2. Much admiration for Jenna's pretty bangle. We are going shopping tomorrow for some pretty yarn and beads to make similar bangles for the girls as christmas gifts from Owen and Cain.
    I'm sure Morgan will love to feel it.


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