7 October 2008

On the problem blogging right now

I'm not accusing you of being fairweather friends or anything, but nobody wants to hear about vomit. Seriously, the urge to talk about how miserable I am and how bloody frustrating it is, has to be weighed all the time against that time when friends have to say, "Stop, I can't stand it any more! No more sick!" Oh it will happen, and already has with some of those who have never been there.

But ignoring all the "I hate being pregnant"s and only showing you my lovely children and the things they're up to, it just feels fake. Yup, I need another pity party. You are by no means obliged to respond. ;)

On the other hand, the children are rather photogenic.

And please pretend you can't see how dirty my house is. *sigh* That's another thing about being ill... :(


  1. Oh, Sarah, lots and lots of sympathy from me for the sickness. I couldn't stand the feeling constantly sick dutring the first 16 weeks with Willow's pregnancy and I moaned day in day out to nayoe who would listen lol...and I was never actually sick once in all those weeks! So huge sympathy hugs and positive vibes for feeling much better very soon.

    And yes, your girls are gorgeous! I love outdoor pictures and you little family always insipre me :)

  2. Sarah, feel free to bore me anytime you need to. As someone who has been there for 20+ weeks each time then I know exactly why you need to let it out (no pun intended!)
    And maybe you can do the same for me sometime soon? If ever!

    And yes you do have the most beautifully photogenic children.

  3. As I only had one day of morning sickness with Tallis, I can't share anything but sympathy for what you're going through. Sickness is a horrible thing regardless of the reason for it.

    All mums know the value of being able to have a good moan, so please moan away as much as you need to, to feel better.

    Your girls are lovely. My 3 year old DD loved looking at the photos.

    Michelle (aka clueless mama)

  4. I hope so honey, you've been a star. Thankyou. All of you.

    I had a bit of a cry yesterday trying to explain to Martin that half of the people who've shown the most care for us we've never met in real life. I'm so touched by all the support.

  5. I loathed being pregnant - ok it was an utter suprise and unti that point I was one of those women who shuddered when asked if she was going to have children. So pregnancy and various discomforts and what not that went with it completely threw me.
    On the mum's board I wrote about how I was feeling and received harsh criticism from some who felt I was being insensitive to those who may have lost babies - and relief from others who felt the same but had been too scared to admit it.

    You couldn't possibly bore me because I know how much of relief it is to talk about how you're feeling. So go for it babe - and besides, people can skip the sicky bits and just look at the gorgeous photos of your girls!!!!! Your blog is for you sweets, you write in it what you need to write!

    I'll post the cookies tonight btw - I've run out of coco so had a go at making chocolate chip - think I used a bit too much butter; but they're nice so I'll send them anyways. Once I've picked up some more coco and other bits I'll send you another parcel - plus I owe you some muffins :-))

    Have a good day honey.

  6. You poor thing, I remember only too well how much it wears you down - the constant nausea, the throwing up, the being oh-so-sensitive to smells that a sudden one can make you heave. And for 9 whole months! I was so relieved my son was 3 weeks early.
    My husband had to clean the inside of the fridge with pine every day or I couldn't open the fridge without throwing up, and I couldn't even hug people if they'd eaten anything spicy within 24 hourd as I could smell it on their skin and it made me sick. Ugh, I will never forget the awfulness of it, so feel free to whinge to me. You have my total sympathy.

  7. Whinge away, that's what we're here for, we care about you and your family and personally, I'd rather you told us honestly how you felt than hide it. You have every right to want (and receive) sympathy, gentle ((((HUGS))))


  8. What they said :)

    Just letting you know we're still thinking of you, and reading every sentence of your blog, even the sicky bits


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