20 May 2012

Weekending Colour

Talia sucking the flavour out of a strip of mango leather in the car in Wirksworth.  She is very happy that I've decided to trust her instincts above mine - she thinks food is the most wonderful thing ever.  Except milk, of course (those overjoyed smiles when she realises I'm about to nurse her!!).
I got another fairly successful picture of them all before we headed out to my brother and sister-in-law's housewarming party.
Sometimes I really see the family resemblance!

I was being pretty brave, for me.  I decided that one way or another we *were* going to the housewarming, knowing it would be likely that mine would be the only children, knowing that there would be nobody able to rescue us or take us home if it rained or we needed to leave early (or both).  Martin was working until late so I wasn't even sure we'd have a lift home if we stayed to the end.
Actually, it wasn't as far as I thought.  And we didn't get lost.  And the children didn't complain.
And although they *did* run around the apartment shrieking (of course) they weren't any louder than the adults present.  ;)
Tali spat up on the floor.  I told them it was good practice for when my little nephew arrives.  Maarja is blooming and lovely - I refrained from making comment about the size of her bump, knowing how much it irks me when folks do that to me!  They are on the home stretch.  Bitter-sweet, remembering my pregnancy with Jenna and knowing that in spite of all the things I wish I'd known, advice is a double edged sword and the most helpful thing I can do is affirm their rights to make the choices that suit them.

Jenna makes friends everywhere we go.
Almost everywhere.  Some kids were picking on her at the park - saying she had a stupid laugh, that she had no friends, and that they would steal her scarf if she put it down.  She told me she wanted to call them idiots, but didn't - though she did threaten to hit them if they came any closer (not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that as a pacifist but I'm glad she defended her boundaries).



I have been trying to spring clean (again).  I may be a stay-at-home mum, but I am *so* not housewifely.  :S  Oh I like it when it's all clean and pretty, well enough.  I just lack the will to get it there on any regular basis.
There now seem to be more board games than fit on the shelves.  Which is probably a sign that the top shelf (mostly paper and card) needs sorting out too so I can put some up a shelf!  *sigh*  I am getting the urge to just charity shop every second item I come across in sorting out.  I have this chronic fear of wanting tracing paper or acetate some day and not having any...

Jenna recovered somewhat from her negative experience on the park by lying on my bed playing maths games for an hour.  Not the recreation I'd choose, perhaps...  But she's OK now.  She just needed a hug, mostly.


  1. I totally love that picture of Martin holding Talia, I mean how cute is she???? And her little plump hand on her knee like that, so grown up looking. What a sweet sweet face she has. I also love that dark aviatrix. You just made me want to knit *another) one :) xox

    1. I just *love* those pictures. She is a tiny plump bundle of deliciousness, and she looks so darn cute in the Aviatrix (her second so far) that I think *I* have to make some more of them too! (It's Noro Koreyon, a navy, green and rust colour but I can't remember the number.) :)

  2. Lovely colourful pics as always and full of hand knitted goodness.

    Well done to Jenna for standing her ground, I loved the bit about her threatening to hit them,yet it still hurts when folks can be so cruel.

    Hugs to you both for being strong

    San xx

    1. The hats are my knitting. The first two cardis were from a Green Parent clothes swap, and the blue is Little Mabel (Ash made it for Rowan). Babies are just so right in knitwear! :)

      I was very proud of Jenna's maturity in handling herself. I think they wanted her to fly into a rage, which would be very like her ;) but she didn't give them the satisfaction. :) Ugh. The parents were *right there*. :S

  3. It's so hard when they go through these negative experiences with other kids :(
    Good for her that she made her boundaries known.

    Fruit leathers are very popular with my teething babe atm too!
    And I love that little aviatrix hat, it looks so snug!

  4. Gorgeous pictures as always. :)
    Making me think of all the things I want to knit for baby. I swear I am so busy this time round I almost forget I am pregnant!

    Good to hear Jenna stood up for herself so well. So sad that some children can be so horrid. Phoebe is yet to experience it thankfully.

    1. I find it so hard to know what I should do or what I should teach her to do at times like that. I can't trust Mama Bear not to be so angry at my baby being hurt! Hugging and reassuring her was the best I could do. :(

  5. Aww that gorgeous squidgy babe, I want to snuggle her :)
    Yaay for Jenna, such an emotionaly mature girl she is xx

    1. How do I get anything done at all with those little fat baby cheeks to kiss all day long?? :)

  6. Oh dear, you don't half mix my head up with regards to school lol. I just dont think I have the energy to follow it through. Of course I did read on another blog a long time ago, a mama saying 'just because the children attend a conventional school, doesn't mean I don't home school them'. Which is SO true of course. Jenna is changing so much it seems, quite amazing.
    (PS I am blogging on a blogger account for a bit. I am in a funny place after losing the baby and there are too many 'real life' people reading my other blog right now. You can find me here http://valerie-vintage.blogspot.co.uk/ )


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