1 May 2012


This is how Rowan spent the day:
She made a break for it in the supermarket and managed to get out of the trolley harness.  I suspect she intended a rather more elegant escape than falling head first onto the tiles...
We headed straight for A&E, where she spent half of the day barely conscious, and lay *perfectly* still for the CT scan (so not like her, but we were rather grateful for that small mercy anyhow).  The doctors were wonderful with her.  When she refused point blank to move her legs, one of them offered to let her kick him.  It didn't persuade her to move her limbs but it did get a smile (and she recovered use of her limbs when someone came to give her Calpol - she came and hid behind my chair)!  The last time I saw her so out of it she was ten months old and wired up to all kinds of medical equipment.  It was terrifying to be back there, and with the same baby no less.

And she's fine now.  Back to her normal self, eating, drinking, chattering, skipping around like a loon, and fighting with Morgan (you know things are back to normal when they are well enough to bicker over toys).

Oh goodness it's so great to be back home with my babies.  :(

Kids: When mama says you must sit DOWN in the trolley seat...  This is why.  :(


  1. Poor Roo and what an absolute worry for you. Her and Pip are so alike... totally loveable yet at the same time totally exhausting!

    Hugs San xx

  2. oh goodness. how scary and thank goodness she is well now. she will have a big headache!

  3. Oh no, poor wee Rowan, you must have swallowed your heart a half a dozen times. Glad it wasn't too serious.

  4. Oh, how svarey, big kisses for poor Rowan x x

  5. Very scary! Poor rowan, glad she's on the mend, glad you're all home xxxxx

  6. Aw love, so glad you're all home okay. She looks so young and vulnerable in that first picture. Man is she going to have a shiner! And it's apparently not always Morgan after all. Might ring in the morning when done with work.x

  7. Oh, poor girl. I'm so glad she's ok. We had a tipped cart scare about a month ago that was nerve racking, but it turned out fine in the end, too.

  8. I couldn't even distract myself in the hospital - I left the knitting and the e-reader at home! Watching her was just pure torture. She only roused long enough to whimper, and a couple of times to say, "wanna go hooooome".

    Her head aches a LOT this morning and she's a bit grumpy, but it's such a relief to see her up and about. That's the second time in her life I truly thought I could be losing her. Meep!

  9. So glad she is home with her family and recovering. Poor wee thing, and poor mama to go through those feelings and worry.

    Blessings to you all xxx


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