2 May 2012

Knitting and Crochet and Knitting and Knitting

(and reading)

I finished the Faraway shawl.
I crocheted a dress for a friend's niece.
I knitted up an improvised hat as Talia seems to grow out of them just too fast.
I started on some more baby things for Maarja's little one.

And I read two more Star Wars books.  (Fate of the Jedi series.)  I don't get to read the rest of the series, because the last three books are super-expensive.  This is BAD.

I think it's fairly obvious that in the first half of this week I have been loath to move much from the sofa.  I am now Really Truly Done with the constant on-off cold.  I can barely talk today.  Which is OK, because I think all I'm going to be able to do today is cuddle my nursling and my poor injured toddler on the sofa.

My knitting and sewing piles are looking a lot less, um, towering, though.

The only negative, in the crafting part of my life, is that yesterday while stuck in the hospital doing a lot of waiting and worrying, I did not have a single thing to knit or read with me.  This is what happens when I don't re-pack the change bag because we're only popping out for half an hour...  *sigh*

Joining with Ginny and friends to celebrate the crafting and reading we love.


  1. Oh gosh yes, that would have driven me batty. Nothing like a bit of crafting or reading to calm mama fears and jitters, when little ones are poorly. ((((hugs)))

    Love, love the shawl. I'm really liking the one I'm working on.. I was a bit miffed with myself at first for using a yarn that hides the stitch pattern a bit...... but the more I work it, the prettier it gets, so back in love with it now. Mind I really need to finish my spring season swap gift and get that sent off too.

  2. Love the shawl it is absolutely beautiful. Hope things are improving on yesterday. xxxx

  3. I absolutely love that shawl, it is beautiful.

  4. That crochet dress is too cute! I find crochet to be very satisfying because I can make things so much faster than knitting. But I do love to knit :)

  5. The shawl is so lovely! Great photo :)

  6. Seeing that shawl like that would tempt me to find a pole for it and have it as a wall hanging, its so pretty.


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