18 May 2012

This week...

Such a lot has been ordinary, some moments of frustration, some high spots, some laughter, some tears.  A lot of beauty.


We needed another long walk after another week of illness.  Attenborough was just SO beautiful.  The world is so alive!  The girls made a fairy house.  A mama swan brought her babies right up to us as if showing them off (though I suspect she was hoping we'd feed her).


In the family picture, it's me behind the camera again, but you can see my neice Charlotte.  She spent the whole day with us, and it's always lovely to catch up with her.
(Excuse me while I take a quick break from posting, I have to stop the baby from stalking the cat...  OK, I'm back, now where was I?)
I have a shockingly small number of nursing pictures with Talia.  This one isn't very good, but it is important to me, a record of where so much of the time goes to with a small baby.  Oh, and also, this:
She falls asleep in some crazy positions!  In my bag on the floor you can just see the lovely purple of a shawl I'm working on.  It's still at a portable size, my favourite part of working on a shawl.  (Sorry, I have to just go stop the baby crawling off the bed again...)
Jenna started working on an Ancient Greece lapbook, my sneaky attempt to fill in some gaps left by her specialist costume-and-myths research.  It's not at all important to me that she memorise facts, but I want to help her acquire research skills and find new questions to ask.  I expected my offer to be declined ungraciously and no lapbooking to be done at all, but she leapt at it and spent hours working on it.  Rowan wanted to get in on the action.
Yes, that is a three-year-old-made PIRATE lapbook!  Morgan made the flag on a stick for her.  Isn't it awesome?  Rowan is just hilariously cute.  And of course the cuteness led to further pirate-ing.
Which is just cuteness overload, really.

And even though I spent an hour reading Mr Man books to Rowan, half an hour talking Jenna over her sheer terror of a level of Harry Potter on the playstation, at least two hours doing lapbooking stuff with them, some tidying in the garden, and some knitting, I also managed another kilogram of yarn dyeing.

There you go, Joxy.  Yours is now done!  I am really happy with the work I've done this week.  It feels like quite an achievement.  2kg of yarn, *and* lots of other wholesome activity alongside the children.  If only the laundry would do itself, we'd be perfect!


  1. Haha, I spluttered tea onto myself when I saw that photo of Talia, oh my goodness, how adorable. I would be nibbling that little chubby chin though. Would you say she is a chilled out babe then lol.

    1. She's certainly patient with the craziness! That little chin is ridiculously cute. I like the admiring expression on her face as she gazes up at her big cousin. Makes me want to kiss her to pieces!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! I love dye days, it's like magic every time. :) I got a surprising blue out of logwood exhaust this time, I was expecting some more purple!

  3. Awww, a baby pirate in her own homemade pirate ship!
    Our girls are all into pirates atm too :)
    Love all the rainbowy yarn goodness!

    1. She is so patient with them, it just cracks me up how they play with her. My mum would have had a fit if I'd used my brothers as a doll, but Talia seems to like it! :)

  4. Ooh she is so adorable, the look on her face when she's with her cousin is lovely.

    And asleep, lol, how do they manage it????

    Ooooooh yarny goodness. Looking forward to playing

    1. Your five skeins are the most consistent rainbows I've ever dyed, I am very proud of them! I tried hard to get something you could use all together if you so desired, and in the end, three are almost identical and two just have about an inch less green than the others. :) :)

  5. I love looking through your pictures of the week. They are always so bright, so full of life and family, and so happy.

    1. :) I think the evidence of joy really helps me not to give in to the tough moments!

  6. Attenborough looks so beautiful. I long to find such places near here. The fens is agricultural land really and i struggle to see the beauty.
    I love the picture of Talia looking so adoringly at your niece. :)
    And yes total cuteness overload, once again! ;) xx

    1. Attneborough Nature Reserve is a series of old gravel pits. So is Stoney Wood, another favourite place (only since it's more dug out on one side, it hasn't filled with water). :) It's very affirming of nature's power that these ugly man-made commercial places have become sanctuaries, reclaimed by living things. :) xx


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