3 May 2012

Keep breathing (and don't kill anyone)

Want a laugh at my expense?

I have lost my voice.

Today, Rowan has perked up just long enough to pour dye on the kitchen floor.

Talia has crawled off my bed.  (Nearly twice, but I caught her the second time.  She's quick though!)

My phone has broken down, and been mended by an engineer that my husband literally begged to come early in case we have to take Roo back to hospital (she still has a headache, has slept about 20 hours in the last 24, and was sick again first thing this morning).

That Bloody Cat has pooped in the hall, and after spending the morning sulking outside, came back in and scratched the baby who tried to grab her tail as she stalked past.

I slammed the door in the face of the girl trying to sell TV subscriptions on the basis of how educational it is. I did not tell her where to stick her extra channels.

And when someone who shall remain nameless asked me what "school" the big ones have done today, I replied, "Lego Star Wars".  Which was a gracious and polite response compared to the one I'd have liked to give.  They didn't dare ask any more, because I gave them my death-ray look.

I fed them all cold pizza for dinner.  Oh yes I really truly did.

And I'm still in my PJs.

So I'd like to post a wonderful inspiring post about how to rise above days like this.  Or alternative medicine, or something else admirable.  But honestly, the post title is the sum total of my wisdom for today.

Don't kill anyone.  And try to breathe.  That is all.  That is enough.


  1. Meep! *Hugs* If it helps my day wasn't much more exciting - my flat's an utter tip, I've kinda neglected to sort out some dinner, and I've had less than four hours sleep in the last 36+ hours, and now I have to go to work, hungry and tired! Ooops! Sometimes you just have to do what you can to get through.

  2. Oh, you, PLEASE eat something before you go! Wish I could bring you round the leftover tiffin from yesterday. (hugs) Remember: breathe. And don't kill anyone. ;)

    1. I grabbed an eat natural bar and found a creme egg at the bottom of my bag, so that was my prework meal. It's now 1:45am, first time since 9pm that I've stopped for more than 5mins, so I'm having the microwave spag carbonara that I actually remembered to pack and boy am I gonna wolf it down! Oh and you and your talk of tiffin! Again tormenting me with things that I can't reach! Here's to "tomorrow" being a better day!

  3. Hear!Hear!

    With much love, sympathy and lots of keyboard hugs

    San xx

  4. Very definately have days like that- hope the voice is returned and today is better

  5. oh mama....days like here too, oh yes! Another day, another adventure, and remember, 'this too shall pass' x x

  6. I think remembering to breathe and not kill anyone is quite enough after the scare you had and dealing with a still poorly Roo!
    You are doing a superb job of holding it all together mama, through a really difficult week!
    Am glad you managed to get in the Lego Star Wars response before you lost your voice! ;)
    Much love from over here xxx

  7. Aw no, how could we laugh at your expense, when it could quite easily any one of us tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend by way of compensation.


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