8 May 2012

Her Own Words


What's your favourite colour?

What are your favourite things to do?
Swimming, monkey bars, eating, painting, Lego, playing with Talia.  And that's it.

How about your favourite food?
Jelly!  And roast dinner.

In that order?

Do you like mama's cooking?
Yeeess...  I like everything.  Except vegetable stew.

Do you like being unschooled?
Yes, I get to teach myself.  And I get lots of time with my family still.  And I don't have to get up in the morning, I can wake up whenever I want.  I don't think I'd like uniforms, either.

What have you been learning about?
I've been watching Horrible Histories today.  I have been doing lots of experiments and finding out - floating science and how water gets bigger when it is frozen.  I can touch the bottom of the really deep end in the swimming pool now.  Tali has been learning lots of things, too, look - she can sit up now, and she likes to jump about like this!

What's the worst thing about being homeschooled?
I wish my friends could come for sleepovers every day.  That's all.
Is there anything you would change about your life?
The lack of plastic.  I really want plastic dollies, that you can feed with bottles.  I don't know why!

What do you do all day?
Watch TV.  [laughs]  Play, really...  Have baths.  Hold Talia upside down.  Read stories and interesting stuff.  You make me tidy up sometimes, don't you Mum?  Sometimes I get snacks when we're hungry.  I be cheeky and play with the camera, and make films of Talia crawling. I love being outside, climbing trees, things like that.

What is your favourite toy?
The camera.  [laughs again]  Did you put "laughs again"?  Why are you interviewing me?

I thought it would be interesting!  Can you tell me about your favourite games?
Star Wars, Harry Potter, and any games where I get to play with my friends.  I love poi dancing, and I want to do a show with Sophia.  I like writing plays, and pretending to be different people.  I play the spy game a lot too.  It's a made up game where we watch people!  We use sunglasses as spy gadgets.

What kind of books do you like to read?
Again, Harry Potter.  I like reading In the Night Kitchen to Roobanna.

What is one thing mama always says to you?
I love you, probably.

Anything else I say all the time?
You say sorry a lot.  Because you get cross, but then you think it over.

What is mama good at?  And what am I not very good at?
Lots of things.  If I had the pick the best things you're good at, probably knitting and cooking.  You're not very good at drumming, and you can't drive.

What are *your* biggest talents?
I was going to say painting, but that's probably not my very greatest talent...  Being friends.  Monkey bars.  Playing with babies.  I mean, entertaining people!
What do you find hard to do?

Is there anything you don't like learning about?
No.  I can't think of anything.

Is there anything you have to do that you don't like?
I don't always like being kind to my sisters  I'd rather not clear the dishes away, but I like washing them.  And I don't like going to bed, even when I'm falling asleep.

What is the most wonderful thing about being Jenna?
Having the best family in the world!

Now what would say if I wasn't interviewing you?
[laughs]  I can't think of anything else.  If someone else was asking me questions, I'd still say the same thing.


interviewing Jenna, age 7

I want to remember you forever.  You are awesome.  :)


  1. Oh lovely Jenna, your mama is so very right, you are indeed awesome :)

  2. Hello Jenna,

    We really liked reading your interview. Maybe we will do one on our blog. You gave really good answers. :)
    Looking forward to seeing you all when we go camping!


  3. Love this idea (in fact love it so much I might borrow it....). Jenna you made me smile with your wonderful interview x

  4. Loved that- made me go away and ask my own 7 yr old (boy)- same questions- interesting answers some of them- will write it up on my blog over next day or so- if you don't mind the question stealing?? But I think Jenna comes over as a little more grown up!

  5. Feel free to steal the interview idea, or my questions, I made them up as I was talking to her because I find it so interesting the divide between what I think is important (or true) about our lives, and how my children perceive it. Isn't it funny?! I don't think my refusal to purchase new plastic is important to my children, but apparently it is - and I don't think they like my cooking! Or notice that I apologise when I yell!


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