20 May 2012


Talia thinks 4am is a good start to the day.  She begins by pinching my face to see if I'm awake.  If this doesn't get the required cheery good-morning smiles and kisses, she climbs up on my head and pulls my hair.  The next planned activity is attempting to throw herself off the end of the bed - followed by, if possible, stalking the cat (who always hears when the baby is awake and comes to play - stupid cat).

Izzy is the most capricious cat there ever was.  She loves babies, but hates being petted.  Tough luck, cat, baby loves to pet.  And potentially eat you...  At this point I *have* to look alive, because when Izzy isn't happy she's liable to bite and scratch.  You can see what Talia thinks: FRIEND!
When Izzy does scratch, it's usually a gentle warning pat with sheathed claws first (only Tali gets this gracious allowance, she never shows any restraint with us!) so Tali has only been actually scratched twice - on her arm - and she pursues the furry friend any time she sees her.  If only Izzy were a nice normal cat who just moved away when she didn't want to be petted!
Usually around 6am I give up.  I put the laptop on and start some music playing, get my mind in gear, and give myself a little time getting ready for the day.  Talia comes and helps with the computer by bashing the keys and trying to chew the corner if she can get close enough.

I want to say I hate mornings, but Tilly Minnow is such a ridiculously happy person it's hard to resent even this crazy early start to the day.  She's kissable even at 4am, it turns out...

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  1. Aw what a cute post, especially as it was done before 6am!! That weird cat! I remember her being incredibly gentle when Rowan was small. Why does she have to be vicious on us oler people when we're just trying to be nice.


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