11 May 2012


Well, life is never boring around here anyway...  These colourful little characters keep me busy.


Even when I'd rather be sleeping off my cold.  Or knitting.  Or trying to sort out the mess under the dining table.  OK, that last bit is stretching it somewhat.  I don't think anyone WANTS to know what might be lurking under my dining table.  But it's one thing I might potentially be doing in some alternative life where I have the time.  (Funny how I manage to find time to craft - though admittedly, that time is usually multi-tasking with breastfeeding Talia!)
Of course, for all the lovely toys in the house, a cardboard box is still the best thing ever.  A little someone has learned to splash in the bath, stick out her tongue at people, AND had their first explore of an old box.  All these milestones!
Yesterday, we found bones in our garden.  Very clean very large bones.  That I was unable to categorically place as non-human.  So we called the local police out and they took the bones away, because they weren't sure either.  Hmm.

The officers who came out to us kept trying to get the children to go back inside.  I was trying not to find it hilarious - but they kept saying, "Do you mind going inside?"  And, "Would you like to go back in, please?"  To which my literal-minded children say, "No, we'd like to stay out here, thankyou."  Well if you *will* phrase it like a question..!

I'm taking delight in this small disobedience now, anyhow, because on their way out the younger one said, "HOW do you FIND anything?"  Thanks eversomuch.  Clearly I invited the police round to tell me my living room is a tip.  *rolls eyes*
I wouldn't trade this for anything.  All of them really are, well, colourful.  I love them.  :)  I would love this rainbow house to be a bit tidier...  But I guess I just can't sacrifice the time to make it so when there are so many more important things.
My messy crazy quirky babies are growing up in a house where dinner is sometimes leftover pizza, and breakfast is sometimes icecream.  They are growing up in a house where there are sometimes no clean clothes.  They are growing up in a house where their choices are taken seriously, and they don't get only half a vote just because they are small.  They are growing up where there are adults who have passions, and who believe that the world is a dizzyingly beautiful wonderful miraculous place.  I think they'll get by.  ;)
This is our plan for the weekend:
Someone will end up with blue hands.  At least one someone.  Quite likely a child will get purple feet again.  My kitchen floor will puddle water as yarn hangs to dry on the door.  My washing line will be in constant use.
We will dirty every towel in the house.  I will forget what I'm doing, and felt something eversoslightly by leaving it on the heat too long.  And there will be rainbows EVERYWHERE.  Even if some of the yarn didn't arrive yet!


  1. Sarah, you managed all this while sick? I am ashamed lol. Haha, to the bobbies. You know, Duncan actually does that a lot and it exasperates me........Oscar would you like to ...come here/have a bath/sit down and eat dinner. 'No fanks Daddy', lol. I have had dye and 3 vests and a T-shirt in a carrier bag since January, maybe I will get round to some dying soon eh.
    LOVE the photo of Talia in the box (little chubby baby legs lol), it brings back memories.

  2. Your house reminds me very much of my own, I call it a home. Yes I would love it to be tidier but the children will only be small once and there is plenty of time for tidy houses later in life. There is more important things in life.

    I hope the bones don't turn out to be anything too sinister!


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