5 May 2012

The Post I Wanted To Write

Thank you, for your support, and allowing me to be a bit whiny recently.  I don't cope so well with the children being ill, especially when I'm ill too.  I think I'm missing some kind of sympathy gene, honestly, and I've said before that I am just not a great nurse.  I love them dearly, and I have been making an effort to comfort them this week when I have not felt like I have anything to give.
Setting out to see the beauty in the down times, and still be authentic about my ability to have Terrible Horrible No Good Days, and setting myself the challenge of overcoming my desire to say "stop whining" to a child who aches all over (ouch)...
The salt lamp is lit.  There is chamomile and lavender in the burner for Rowan's headache, and thyme for infection control ;) and myrtle because it's better than eucalyptus for babies.  (2 drops chamomile, 4 drops lavender, 1 drop each of the others.)  I am trying to remember to do these things, to actually make some effort to heal and comfort us and not just go into survival mode forgetting everything I know helps.
When things are really bad we do just take to bed.  Rowan has her water bottle filled with honey lemon and ginger for her sore throat.  I still have ginger tea in the house from when Leanne stayed, and have been very grateful for it because prior to this colds have required me to go to the effort of making the ginger tea fresh (well, from the ginger in the freezer)!
Yes that IS my e-reader case being used to keep her hands comfortable with the hot metal of the bottle.  I soon remedied that by knitting a quick sleeve specially for her.
I have a lot of knitting time.  In between leaping up to whoever needs me next, drinking my own endless cups of healing tea, and stopping Rowan from flooding the bathroom when she *does* get out of bed.  Morgan has slept for nearly 24 hours, only waking to drink, cry, and go to the bathroom on shaky legs.  It never rains but it pours, eh?
Jenna made Rowan a "get well soon" card.  This girl has just reminded me over and over how awesome she is.  Everything is taken right in her stride, and she has tried so hard to cheer everyone up!
Unusually, I am feeling peaceful, and keeping my sense of humour.  We'll weather this.  And maybe I'll get time, between all the blowing of noses and providing cool cloths for hot little sticky foreheads, to finally make Martin a pair of socks...

Cuddles and quiet music.  Dressing gowns and slipper socks.  Hot drinks, regular small tempting snacks, essential oils and cool cloths.  It's not pretty, but it can be precious and simple and loving all the same.

Sometimes there is beauty, in spite of the circumstance.  Sometimes you *make* the beauty; fight tooth and nail to drag beauty into the hard times.


  1. hello,
    just wanted to introduce myself and say I've been happily reading you and your lovely family for a few weeks now...hope you all feel better soon... it's not nice to feel so poorly :(


  2. Oh no sounds like a trial for sure! I hope you are all feeling better very soon!!


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