14 May 2012

Story Puppet Plays

Do you play acting out stories with your toddlers?  (Admission: it's one of those things I find really boring, that lights their little faces up, so I *make* myself do it, and find that their joy carries me and I start to enjoy it myself too.)
Here's Rowan telling The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
If I don't get the toys out and do floor puppetry with them very often, I find her sitting telling these stories anyway, using her hands as the puppets.  Admire that creativity!  In fact, I'm not sure the fancy toys add a single thing.  And hearing them retell old old stories in their own words and their own style, there's something astonishing and new every time, but the link to past generations makes my heart skippity (just a little bit).

And here's some creative little pigs in houses assembled by Roo.  :)
Go on, set up a story today.  Get out a game or a book you haven't had out in ages.  Do something different...
And if your toddler is anything like mine, you'll probably get a wonderful bizarre combined alternative story out of them: like how mummy goat came and kicked the wolf and mummy pig said that's not kind, use your words!  *beam*


  1. Oh how I love little Ro's story of the mummy pig kicking the wolf lol..just wonderful :)

    1. She is hilarious. Usually the wolf is her favourite character haha, tells you a lot about her wild self!

  2. Yep - exactly the same! J loves doing this but does still need me to get things going, and yep, I find it really hard to motivate myself to do it, thinking too that 'it's boring'. BUT - once we get going, we get really silly and make up really random stories, which makes us both giggle and makes it all worth it. And this'll probably lead us into another play, some dancing or an inspired walk perhaps. These are the days hey? x

  3. Thanks for the nudge. I used to do this but its slipped by the way. Time to restart i think. x


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