1 December 2011

More Ordinary Days

Uh-huh, they look sweet... Bickering little monkeys all three today, but I can't help grin at the chaos when I look back at pictures like this...
The girls decorated our tree, and for the first year *ever* I didn't follow them around redecorating (I guess Morgan finally grew out of wanting to hang all the green baubles together, and all the pink ones along the bottom in a row)!

Minnow is getting fatter, on the chocolate brownies I made for the midwives (optimistically) - the brownies are all eaten, and the midwives have no reason to come calling as yet! Ah well, more batches of brownies will be made in short order, no doubt. My henna is only just fading.
Birthing beads strung! I have been feeling the need to get productive, clean the oven, sew in ends on Christmas knits, clear the back of the sofa of junk and replace it with a neat pile of towels and baby blankets...
Friends have stopped by, helped eat brownies (and grapes), taken short walks with us... And others have taken my phone calls when I am thoroughly impatient with waiting!
"I'm hungry" is a constant whine around here. From me too, unfortunately (and that blumin cat ate my lunch today - argh!). There isn't much food left and Martin gets paid tomorrow! Dry cereal it is. I had emergency money set aside to buy milk, but Jenna found (and spent) it. *sigh*
Random play with vinegar and bicarb, while I cleaned the oven with the same minus food colourings. Jenna stood besides me in the kitchen this morning and washed all our breakfast things while I worked away at surfaces and hob plates. Brilliant help!
Girls and bikes. Morgan would only push hers, in the end, a bit too wobbly still to brave riding *all* the way around the block. She's getting there, though.
It's rather cold now, in spite of the clothing you see these hot blooded little ones wearing. The heating is on in the evenings now, and I am hiding out in knitwear.

And I finally finished the Petal Vest, not for a baby in the end due to my sizing mistakes, but perfectly Morgan sized in time for her birthday. Better pictures at some later date, I'm sure.
Waiting, waiting...


  1. Just to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog and I'm passing on The Versatile Blogger award to you. :) http://pyjamaschool.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/versatile-blogger-x2/

  2. You'll have to find another hidey hole for the emergency fund and shoo the cat out of the kitchen when your lunch is on view!

    Hugs and well done for keeping smiling.

    San xx

  3. Hehe, my henna's still quite dark in places too.. the shoulder's all but gone, but the one you did on my leg is very clear still.

    Love how Morg's vest turned out, it's very pretty. :)


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