29 November 2011

Marking the days

Counting down, first of all, these last few days (or weeks) of being Five Plus Bump. Impatience (mostly due to baby being engaged and my hips being correspondingly painful) battling with enjoyment of this moment right here and now. And add in just a tiny dash of "am I ready"?!

Counting down the days until my sweet Morgan has completed her fifth dance around the sun. How and when did she get so grown up? Something subtle but astonishing has changed in her lately, so that even relative strangers comment on it. The library security guard: Gosh, hasn't this one started to bloom? The guy in the wholefoods shop: It seems like barely last week she didn't say a word, and now look at her!

Oh it's so true. She is suddenly tall, she is speaking up in public and standing up for herself and her likes and dislikes, she is starting to read and write, she goes off on her own to Sunday School and for sleepovers: what happened to this soft little baby creature?!

Counting down, as Advent is upon us, these weeks of celebration and sharing and warmth, marking the turning of the year, celebrating the birth of the Christ... As we do throughout the year, just, at this time of year, with a few extra little traditions backing us up - and how can I not enjoy the little old fashioned English play of words in Son/Sun? :)

Ordinary extraordinary days. How can I possible capture it all? This is my everyday. Right now.
Puzzles and snack times and afternoon naps.
Stacks of drawing and writing, plans and games, heaps of lego tipped out on my bed and abandoned, time for knitting away in the quiet moments.
A toddler in a storage box. This is my life! :)
Waiting outside Martin's work in the rain. Children running in to Church on Sunday morning. Season table for the first week of Advent.
It seems irresistibly bright today, and real, and precious, and immediate. This strange wonderful ordinary life. I am so blessed to be here.


  1. Beautiful pics as always of your lovely family life :), oh and by the way lovely mama, how did you get to be so wise at such a young age, I wish I had been as wise as you :) xx

  2. Lovely words as always, full of faith, hope and love!

    Thinking of you and babe.

    San xx

  3. wonderful, special days Mama, you are all in my thoughts, in my hear xx

  4. of course that would be heart xx

  5. Sue, if wisdom is truly knowing how much you don't know, then I can accept the compliment! I was telling Martin last night, most of the time I have really no idea whether I'm making a mess of everything... Still here though, and still following the joy. xxx


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