15 November 2011


Finished baby gift for my sister in law's little one. Tim and Nusa's tiny daughter has finally been born, and I finished knitting for her just in time. :)
A sweet kind thoughtful wonderful gift from a kind Green Parent mama. Minnow can't possibly love it as much as I do, please please thank your DH for his beautiful handwork, and thankyou for your kind thoughts.
The greatest gift of all, right now, baby still growing and doing fine, no bleeding or other emergency; a healthy pregnancy and every possible hope of good news from the consultant tomorrow.


  1. Hope you hear the news you want to hear tomorrow from your consultant ... positive thinking x

  2. So pleased to read hopeful news dear friend. I placed you all in the intentions at Shalom prayers last night and please God all will be well tomorrow.

    Love and hugs San and co xxx

  3. Welcome to the world to your sister in law's tiny one, and hoping all goes well with the consultant :-) x


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