9 November 2011


Not much on the go for me at the moment except knitting. That and watching junky sci-fi on TV any chance I get (pretty good as a combination activity but requiring of children being otherwise engaged unless I want them to have nightmares).
Today I started working on a simple vest for my neice, who was due this week and isn't showing any sign of appearing yet. I was knitting that petal lace for her, but it turned out far too big and I have somewhat lost momentum now I don't actually *have* to do a billion loooong rows of stockinette (why do I keep on taking projects that require so much of it?)! The reading on display I am halfway through reading aloud with Jenna. There is something special about sharing my own childhood favourites. <3 For myself I'm actually pretty much only reading snatches of this. My birthday present from hubby. DSC03081
A much wanted *tiny* cute little Transetto edition of the King James Bible. I don't really have one go-to translation I use for study, just prefer to have a selection to refer to, but I do like the old-fashioned poetic KJV and NKJV for straight reading. I also like this for being simple - no fuss on the page, nobody telling me how I ought to read it, just pages of text with unobtrusive numbering.

Oh, and for good measure, a finished project... Unfortunately my camera doesn't like taking pictures in artificial light and I can't be bothered to mess about with settings, so it's a bit overexposed - the colours are the lovely lovely pure wool I put up pictures of a week or so ago - but here's Minnow's Spiral Blanket. :)
Just needs a bit of light blocking and a couple more ends sewing in. I do have a BIG pile of projects that "just" need ends sewing in...

The living room floor is barely visible under toys today, and I feel as if I could happily just sleep for a week. The laundry isn't yet piling up again, though, and the emergency hospital bag is packed and ready to go. I ordered myself some very lovely yarn today to make a shawl actually for me. The children are running amok. But in a happy kind of way, generally. And I had porridge with Autumn berries for breakfast, yorkshire pudding and gravy for lunch, and am about to make stew and dumplings for tea. Warming late-autumn joys. Really, Minnow is happy and kicking away, so what more could I want?


  1. wow love the sound of todays menu :-) I love autumn comfort food - might have to do stew and dumpings tomorrow :-)

  2. gorgeous blanket Mama, so lovely
    hugs of love

  3. Hello Lovely, was the blanket difficult? I have thought often about knitting one, I like the idea of snuggles under something I have made. I cant crochet though so it has to be knitted.

  4. The blanket was really easy, but it would get frustrating to make a really huge one. I cast on five stitches on dpns, and knit each one front and back, the next round knit one then knit one front and back, the next round knit two then knit one front and back - so making an increase at the same point each round. By the last twenty rounds or so I could barely fit the stitches on the looong circular I knit on once it was big enough. If you wanted a bigger blanket you could use two same-size circulars but the rounds get longer each time. :)


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