16 November 2011

Reading and, um, starting some more knitting!

Borrowed more of the Temeraire books, and read them all in a couple of days. The distraction is welcome! Knitting, going slowly at first with the Faraway So Close shawl, since I am needing to master new methods of working increases. The yarn is GORGEOUS. I treated myself to Manos Del Uruguay silk blend for my birthday (next week) and am actually knitting something for me! :)
We'll be off to the hospital soon. I'm trying not to keep going over possibilities in my head, right now. One way or another, I'll have more firm news, so very soon.


  1. Good for you knitting something for yourself, after knitting 5 hats (christmas gifts) in a row, I am knitting a little something for myself too.
    Good luck at the hosp, baby blessings to you.

  2. Hope all goes well. Praying that it is good news. x

  3. good luck lady!

    I just wanted to tell you that as I was rocking Otis in the middle of the night, i was thinking of you and how you've changed my parenting style to be more open and friendly. Thank you, keep being such a good mom and inspiration to me :)

  4. Oh, pretty! And yay for successful hospital visits!x


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