1 November 2011


It's not allowed to be November already. No way.

By ovulation, my due date would be the first of December! We're taking the later date for a good reason lol, my other babies have been born around 42-43 weeks. But seriously. Seriously. It can't be November now, just can't.

I'm in serious denial. It's shocking to think how close this baby is to being born, when I'm still so comfortable and pregnancy is still so (relatively) easy. Low blood pressure is the worst of it right now, and drinking a whole lot of water is helping with that already.

Where the heck has this year gone, though? I'm not ready for it to be Winter, I'm not ready for it to be approaching Christmas, I'm not ready for another baby!! Waaaa!

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  1. Wow, can't believe where the year has gone for you either.

    I'm sure you'll get your head into the right space by the time baby arrives xxx

    Keep taking care of yourself x


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