4 November 2011

Jenna dreamed last night...

...about our baby's birth - that a little girl arrived safely for us at home, and that she got to hold the baby for ages afterwards. She was smiling at Jenna talking to her - she said, "the baby could understand me". *heart*

If you haven't already heard, what's going on medically right now is that we're on high alert for bleeding, and are likely to be meeting our baby rather earlier and more medically assisted than we had hoped. So Jenna's dream is a big deal to me this morning. I feel hopeful; that placenta will move, that baby will turn, we will be OK.

And since the medical team are so supportive and not rushing to push us to decisions (the consultant will see me to re-scan and discuss elective cesarean birthing when I am already 38 weeks pregnant, which is amazing in the circumstances). I am being listened to about what I believe my body considers term. I have a midwife who will support me to birth at home if at all possible, and a whole team at the hospital who have told me it is their job to help me birth normally and without intervention in the hospital if that is our best option.

I'm still feeling calm and philosophical. All will be well, no matter what. (Though I didn't sleep terribly well last night, and ended up coming downstairs to sort a mammoth pile of laundry before I could stop running over everything that might change in the next two weeks in my head!)


  1. Gosh! It's all go with you, isn't it? No matter *how,* *where* or *when* the baby arrives it won't matter so long as both you and the baby are ok. I know that you don't what a repeat of Jenna's birth, but you know more this time round, and will be far more assertive.

    Keep us updated.

  2. charityshopgirl665 November 2011 at 11:36

    Thinking of you.x


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