3 November 2011


All week, I've been trying (and failing) to write this post. I still don't think I have anything constructive to say, though, so no wisdom to offer. Just a bit of real-life frustration.

All three of them, in similar ways, are driving me up the wall. They bicker non-stop at the moment, especially in the afternoon (quiet times and regular snacks notwithstanding). They really act like they hate each other!

Jenna bosses and is horribly sarcastic (ouch, did I teach her that?) - Morgan whines about *everything* the others do - Rowan gets right up and yells in people's faces, and responds to anything she doesn't like by hitting (or threatening to). *sigh*

I go back and forth between being philosophical about it (they're learning ways of relating that *don't* work, it's normal, they'll get through it just like I got through various patches of wishing I was an only child) and being just so damn frustrated! I can say the psychologically correct things, I can rescript them all day long, I can separate them when it gets too much for me, but ARGH there are times when I Just. Hate. It.

Please please please stop fighting! I feel like everything is broken when you're all so unhappy!

End of rant. ;)


  1. (((hugs)))

    Please note the following comment is VERY tongue in cheek!

    "You could always send them to school! There they will be able to socialise."

    (and learn all the ways to be really horrible to each other ;) )

  2. Oh I feel your pain! (And mine *are* at school ;) ) Tamsin is my bossy one; she is also the one who likes to tell me whenever anybody else does something wrong. Maggie puts up with it for so long then snaps, and the baby is just learning how to throw a really effective tantrum and can out-shout the other two from a standing start! Fun and games :)

  3. Ooooooh I so know that feeling atm. Meg is very much like Jenna from the sound of things and Izzy is alot like Rowan and is also doing hitting (and biting)! Like you different things work at different times, but it's so hard - so if you come up with a magic cure let me know :-)

  4. I can also relate to your frustration and often tire of bickering brothers. They sometimes seem to get stuck in a rut, getting wound up at the smallest disagreement, and then manage to shake off the feeling and appreciate each other for a while. Lots of time outdoors with a bit of space from each other helps a little. We've been using a bit of therapeutic storytelling recently, and it's a topic that often gets covered!

  5. I too could also have written that! My 3 are exactly the same in all the ways you described :-)

    I havent checked in on you for a while but glad you guys are all well.

    Kit xx


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