8 December 2011

Winter Stories

Yeah, I'm sure you've all seen my stack of winter/Christmas books before, but hey. :) I pulled them all out at the start of December, and randomly decided to take pictures of my favourites the other day (don't ask - my husband did, and I had no sensible answer for him either). :)
I loved Lucy and Tom's Christmas when I was little. Now it is regarded with similar affection by my children. Everything changes. Nothing changes. :)
Father and Son is my favourite of the nativity stories we have. Such a beautiful book. But again, I'm fairly sure I've raved about it before so I'll spare you. ;)

Winter is just such a perfect time for a big basket of picture books! I plan to be cuddling up for the next few weeks and pretty much avoiding any other duties but nursing and reading stories!


  1. sounds like a plan to me!! We have also been enjoying some great Christmas stories! There's something about cuddling up with a book on a dark, cold day!!

  2. I can understand about the book photo! I do silly things as I know that in 20years time I wont remember what our favourite book was in December 2011 and the chances of me remembering many daily joys will blend into the whole joy of being us.


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