29 December 2011


Christmas eve. Jenna is Mary in the Nativity at my mum's church. Tali sleeps snuggly and happy on Ashleigh. We wish Emma a happy birthday, and sing carols, and open a couple of early presents at mum's house.
At home the girls have their new Christmas PJs, and hang their stockings, and somehow collapse into bed after one more reading of The Night Before Christmas and one more song.
(And would you believe we didn't hear a single further peep out of them until 8.30am?! :) Madness!)
All day long I say, "She isn't a toy, she's a person!" And, "We don't take TURNS of her, she gets to be where she wants to be!" So then, when she's happy on someone else, I have to resist the urge to snatch her back and say, "She's mine, it's my turn, I want a hug!"
We don't open presents until late afternoon, because there is enough excitement with stockings and visitors and Christmas dinner, but Rowan has her trike from Great Grandma purely because of the logistics of hiding something like that. Christmas dinner is wonderful, and very peaceful for the sheer number of children attending. Martin cooks it all, because I am cuddled up with Talia - again. :)
There are rather more presents than I think are necessary. Family are hard to reign in, excited at the birth of a precious grandchild, and some of them to be here in the UK at all, and I really can't tell any of them off. They do choose wonderful gifts, and the children are so joyfully grateful for everything. Only I now I have to find space for everything! So much for simplicity, eh?

After presents, and a quiet couple of hours playing, we watch The Gruffalo's Child (which Rowan falls asleep in front of) and Dr Who (which Morgan falls asleep in front of) and all head to bed. Jenna is still wearing her two favourite presents, days later: an amber pendant, and a bright green skirt. :)
And all in all, it is a couple of very very happy easy days.


  1. open presents in the afternoon your weird.

  2. Lovely pictures and a lovely day by the sound of it. We have that trike, bought for a 1 year old Meg, it's fab :-) Hope Rowan enjoys it xx

  3. Sounds lovely. Glad you all had a nice time. xx

  4. Sarah, your family and you inspire me. Thank-you so much for sharing.


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