22 December 2011

More babymooning

Argh these days are just so good! The main frustration in them is that there is not enough time for sitting and staring, in spite of my fierce protection of that time... There are so many things that still need doing, mainly feeding us, even if I do have so much made ahead. Martin has been working long hours.
I have lots of volunteers to take Talia for a minute, but I want to just hold her myself. Yesterday morning I was so tired I went back to bed leaving her peacefully sleeping on her daddy... And I felt physically bereft. Almost sick with missing her. Trying to respect that feeling in myself *and* still do anything else, ack: not easy.
The others are lovely busy little things. So much creative play, again, as the weather keeps them more contained and the garden is so so wet. Jenna went for a sleepover with friends and was reluctant to leave Talia, they are all still loving new baby-ness.
Special hugs to Kim, Kirsty, and Claire, who sent beautiful beautiful soft blankets just right for such a cold first week with a soft velvety new person. :)
Morgan just beams, for hours at a time, at all of us. Wow. She has a really special serenity that I am feeling really close to right now.

Jenna has such an amazing affinity with Talia's needs - she takes the baby's nappy off and cues her, and she's always right, I can't believe it! Tali is wearing nappies pretty full time because she likes to be warmly dressed. But still we are taking her to the toilet and catching so often, without any effort. This is what I want, to just be WITH her, listen to her, watch her, respect her - not to push myself or get hung up on what we're doing right, or wrong, or could do differently.

I'm finding Martin working to be hard hard hard. But mostly, I'm just in a really good place right now with everything. Did I mention that I was expecting to fall apart? ;) Yay! I'm so happy!


  1. Aaw bless her, that 2nd photo down is just so so cute. How can you ever stop smelling her and nuzzling her lol.

  2. I'd wondered if the blanket Claire just posted on her blog was for you! Looks even more amazing wrapped around such a snuggly babe!

  3. I adore the first photo of precious Morgan and Talia... All the photos are beautiful especially you and Talia, also. But this one just makes me feel good. As I'm sure it does to you too! xx


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