21 December 2011


Hand knits and babies, just made for each other. I'm not even picking up any crafting right at this moment, but who can take their eyes off the baby long enough? ;) Still, I am taking great pleasure in wrapping her up in the lovingly made softness. The first baby I have knitted for myself, too.
She is literally wearing love, every day. The coat Nadia knitted for Rowan. Booties a lovely friend made for Morgan. A vest I knitted for her before a pregnancy test even acknowledged her existence. Socks that my beautiful friend sat knitting in the sunshine at the Green Parent meet when yet more loved wise women blessed my growing bump and shared their deep hearts with us.
Tali much prefers to be fully dressed, even when the house is warm, even though she doesn't much like the process of *getting* dressed.
I am snuggling her wrapped in my birthday shawl. :)
And every time I gently pull on something from the basket of stitch-by-stitch hand made things, I smile, a deep contented smile. And wrap her in the love other people had for her, for us, for her sisters, for a baby they didn't even know, for a baby who grew up long ago, for a small person they imagined warming as they knitted.
(See these crazy sparkly socks, with silver in them? Another gift from Ashleigh, using scraps of very expensive luxury yarn! How very Christmassy they feel! And reading... Jenna and I have recently been reading together a *lot*. I am very much enjoying introducing her to Pratchett right now, starting with The Wee Free Men.)


  1. I know, it just has to be a winter baby! With so many who love to make and share and help wrap that beautiful bean up in wooly goodness, it really is a good thing she loves being dressed and that she's a December baby! I love seeing her in the handspun in particular, I have lovely fond memories of sitting in my room in the early spring, adoring that fibre as I spun it on the spindle. And then found the *perfect* pattern for it. I was thinking of you both so much throughout making it, and feel so blessed to see it being appreciated. :)

  2. lovely!! i really must knit more. i am picking it up. on a monkey toy for the boys at the mo.
    That baby is one cutie!!!
    Pratchett....... all children should learn to enjoy his stories from a young age! They are wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous! You look so well and happy Sarah x

  4. I'm loving reading all your newborn-days posts. It looks rather cozy your way, soak it up before she starts crawling and getting into everything :) It goes so fast...


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