28 December 2011

Random Sharing

I did some crochet last week, my first post-birth crafting, to make a hat actually small enough for a newborn. I *had* small enough hats, but it turns out either Morgan or Roo stretched them all. So I crocheted a really tiny lace hat in lime green. The midwives came and signed us off (without any argument at all about not weighing her, which was really lovely) and were shocked that I appear to be able to crochet and breastfeed at the same time. Yay for multi-tasking. ;)
I made a batch of this (candy cane bark beloved of many other bloggers) for presents, and am going to have to make more because it's just too nice. Be warned. But other parts of last week were just plain stressful. I seem to have come down from the birthing high. I ache more than I did at one day post-partum, but mostly, I am so so tired! I threatened to cancel Christmas at one point (or more likely, a few times), but I'm glad I didn't, because Christmas was a peaceful oasis in the stormy sea of random new-mama tears and exhaustion, and fits of shouting at the children for running around like a pack of rabid monkeys. It isn't all pretty and peaceful, not all the time anyway!
Martin actually had one night just before Christmas when he didn't finish work until nearly midnight. I will skate neatly over how badly that went. Honestly, not pretty AT ALL. But eventually they all fell asleep, Rowan sobbing, on my feet on the sofa, at 10pm... Oh and *since* Christmas, less working, but oh also so so much less sleeping. Colic. Poor poor tiny Tali, poor poor mama, I HATE colic. I want to swear about it, but I doubt it would help.
Crochet, though. Crochet is good. And baby cuddles. And family days. (Save the swearing for 9pm tonight when Tali has stomach pains...) :S


  1. Ah, Merry Christmas to you and the family Sarah. The crochet is lovely, but not as lovely as the baby of course. I remember a great wall of tiredness and tears hitting me a few weeks after Oscar was born and it was awful, I hope you have some help when hubby is working? and you are letting all non essential tasks slide. V xxx

  2. It will even out, you will find your real balance now the post birth high has worn off. be gentle with yourself hun, this bit of time until Lammas in February can seem a rather dark and gloomy time - but soon the days will be noticeably longer and you and the children will be enjoying more outside time. ((hugs))

  3. I'm sure you've done this but cutting out all dairy worked for Pip, that and Camommila teething granules.

    Dill essential oil mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed on the tummy also helps.

    You do know this but ... it does pass.

    Sending you a big hug and so relieved you've finally blogged as I was beginning to worry about you!!

    Love San xx

  4. She looks adorable in that hat!

    The colours in the bag are great, is it with the wool from Yvestown?

  5. The hat and the bag are both Yvestown rainbow pure wool. And the rainbow blanket that I knitted for her, too. I only got one ball of each colour, and there is quite a bit left! :) Brilliant buy!


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