10 December 2011

Picture Assortment

Well, a little more than the usual ups and downs, but still hanging in there. It could be much worse. I can't help feeling it could also be much easier! Ah well. This week has had its moments!

Rowan has been struggling to sleep. She wakes in the middle of the night, takes herself to the toilet, and then gets scared of the dark and freaks out. So she has been cosleeping again mostly, and huggling my neck in the dark, and oh how I have loved having her there so soft and warm and sweet-smelling. Though I'm not sure how I'm going to handle her still needing this when the baby arrives! It's not a very big bed! This picture with Martin is her at midnight one night having come back down to find us. Little squiggle!
And here she is again, giggling, showing her stripes from that naughty cat.
My bread failed to rise this week, I guess my kitchen is even colder than usual, but it still tasted good.
I finished knitting my birthday shawl and it's beautiful, but of course this is the best picture I managed to get in two days of trying, my camera hates the low light levels right now...
Husband bought me flowers. Definitely cheered me up a great deal after a long couple of days!
And I had a couple of hours totally to myself yesterday, as a friend came and took my girlies out for the afternoon. It gave me time to breathe, and to actually really miss them, and it was very good. :)


  1. i love you paintings in your book. it's such a lovely idea....

  2. I had issues with my bread rising yesterday as well! Glad it's not just me!


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