7 December 2011

Advent-y Stuff (and pregnant whining)

Feeling very tired and achey today, so words aren't coming easily. I don't know. I keep having flashes of panic about getting further and further overdue, simply because of Christmas coming and everything *else* - if I could just go hide out somewhere and not be needed for the next month, I could probably happily wait this baby out. Too many different (conflicting) needs. And I need more sleep. And to just have the baby already. *whine*

Wintery activities and Advent things... Well this week *is* feeling a bit more, not organised exactly, but perhaps flowy. I feel less like I'm pushing uphill when I suggest doing something other than watching cartoons. We did stuff this week. Together. And I didn't do so much nagging or shouting or other horrible communicating.
The second week in Advent on our Season Table. Jesse Tree in progress (still very much behind but ah well)!
Home made play dough for ornaments. Well, it never made it that far, but great fun was had by three small girls anyway.
Christmas card made by Jenna.
Making bird seed cakes for feathered garden visitors.
Biscuits just made for horrendously coloured icing and sprinkles. ;)
Laundry drying in the living room. (I know, not so very seasonal, but the dryer is broken and I am speculating about how I will manage to keep enough towels clean and dry on standby for a water birth when the girls currently take a bath a day together!)
Night time walks.
Look at that moon! I am full and round and *ready*. Soon. Right? Right?!?


  1. oh dear..... it seems it was not a good birthing night after all.... i will keep sending you lovely labour vibes and checking for that birthing post......... or lack of posts.... which i will take as a good sign something has happened!!

  2. Thinking of you, sending love x

  3. Hope you´ll be released soon! Jamie was 10 days late , he was meant to be a November baby but came in December :) ! I well remember waiting and waiting and waiting! That full moon should help though :)
    Kimmy x


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