5 December 2011


I would so love to have a baby tonight. It feels like a great night for a birthing. Don't you think so? :)

I am feeling much more laid back now we are past due, as always. Baby is so calm and happy, stretching out the occasional little foot (to be told firmly that my ribs are out of bounds and if it wants to stretch like that it had better make its mind up to come out of there!), and growing rounder daily. I saw the midwife today. She has a feeling it won't be long. I don't feel I know for sure I might not have a baby today - or tomorrow - or in *weeks*. I am having a fair amount of brown show, and back ache, but on the other hand I don't think these contractions are building up, just hanging around reminding me it's nearly time, so nearly.

Everything is ready - except me, still swinging wildly from "I'm not even sure I want a baby any more" to "I want to hold this sweet tiny baby nowwww" to "perhaps I'm confusing baby so much it will just stay in there *forever*"! There is food in the house, and rescue remedy, and essential oils, and waterproof sheeting, and dead sea salts, and "quiet" activities for siblings. Martin is working few hours this week, enough to live off, but not so many that I feel time pressure from him having to likely work within days of the birth.

Yeah, today would be good. :)


  1. Thinking of you, and sending easy labour vibes. :)

  2. Oh I wish I were you. Maybe next Christmas we will be blessed. Sending positive vibes to you, I will give my Kokopelli amulet a wee rub too.

  3. Sending a nice relaxing back rub. xxx

  4. Ohhhh sending many birthing vibes your way! Tonight would be a good night x


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