17 January 2011

Town-y Walking

Pixie Roo on my back. She walked about a mile of the trip into town today, though she was so tired when we got there she slept in the sling until we were almost ready to come home again!
be 038
Morgan being a tree on the corner park.
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Three girlies watching for trains - we saw two today.
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Town, well, the less said the better. My voice must be nearly gone - "put that down", "come here", "stay close", "look where you're going", "PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO ME!" I think partly I talk more than I need to, partly I pretty much need to either hold their hands or live with the idea that I have to verbally make sure they don't vanish...

And partly I just have higher expectations of my children than of adult strangers... I tell them to look out for people, excuse themselves, look where they are going - but people generally walk right over them even if they are doing everything perfectly. *sigh*

The people in Lush are always nice, even though we almost never buy anything. Two people wanted to know where my beautiful amber necklace came from, and the children were given some water to play in while I browsed. We came away with one glittery bath bomb.

Everywhere else we needed to go was crowded and noisy and unfriendly. No wonder I do all that kind of job online these days. Why did I need blutack that much anyway? Surely there must be an alternative? And I know I can get good notebooks elsewhere.

Anyway, at least the wholefoods shop was the haven it always is. One member of staff got the two older ones drinks in the cafe area and another (off duty) sat with them and listened smiling as they talked his ears off.

The lady on till duty chatted to Roo and followed her around picking things up as she took them down - an was so positive and lovely about the ear-aching shrieking Roo performed when I thawrted her attempts to open a jar of molasses. She has "a mind of her own", she is wonderfully determined, such a "bright funny little character". I was also told more than once that she thought I was wonderfully calm and she admired how patient I was, which shows the danger of trusting appearances I guess lol because I felt I'd been a horrible nag all day LOL.

Well, home now with our shopping, and peaceful once more. Colcannon for tea, and then more of the yummy chestnut mouse/torte/cake stuff... :)


  1. Totally agree with you. Even if Joel is looking where he's going, then adults still walk in to him. I've done the stuck record thing today, especially walking all the way down the main corridor of the hospital from the main entrance to the children's hospital.

  2. I hate that my 2yo is more polite than some adults! It drives me nuts when we end up opening the door for someone (who doesnt realize I have two kids to contain??) and get no thanks, but if someone opens a door for us Ingrid is all full of thank yous and smiles...People really do need to learn from kids sometimes!

  3. Totally agree about rude people - i always make a point of not using Emma's name when i say 'watch where you are going' or 'be careful' and looking pointedly at the grown-up - of course i am just telling my child but its amazing how many adults have a guilty look on their face!!

  4. I do the same - I have explained to my children that I am actually saying "watch out" really loudly to them in order that the other grown ups will realise they are there :)


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