25 January 2011

Finding our feet

This is the old normal in the new space. I'm feeling the beat a bit more, a bit more capable of living up to my own ideals and also a bit more able to let go of perfect. Besides, where we are right now might not be perfect, but it is right where we need to be. I have that much faith, at least.
walk 006
The clearing and cleaning still feels so good. I had grand plans yesterday, but today I think a little bit here and there is quite enough.
walk 009
These spaces sing to me, little bits of goodness I can remind myself of in my days, the reminders of the sacred and worthwhile.
walk 010
walk 011
The play in the new spaces is just the same, and also brand new. See?
walk 002
walk 012
Some watercolours from last week. Left to right is Jenna's picture of her with Leni, Morgan's "scary fireworks" mostly in black (lol) and Rowan's, um, well I was painting my legs but for some reason mummy kept telling me to take Peter Paintbrush for a walk over here, so... hehehe
walk 013
Little tomato-stained faces from more raw soups.
walk 003
walk 004
walk 005
No pictures of cake. Well, you know how cake does around here. ;)

It's all OK. All of it. The univited strains and scary moments and the bits of myself that I don't like to look at too closely and the challenge of meeting the present as a gift sometimes... It's all OK. Because I'm here for a reason.
walk 007
Though... it helps that Rowan slept through last night for the first time in over a week, and woke up cheerful and cuddly. ;) And before breakfast, I baked another cake. :)


  1. Cake fixes everything :D
    You have a beautiful family x

  2. Our children are synchronised! Leni has made pictures for each of your girls today!

    Clare xxx

  3. Such beautiful and inspiring words and pictures.

    I love the first photo of the family area.

  4. I'm so glad you are finding the joyful moments nourishing your soul.
    Your toys look beautiful in their new homes too :)

    Gina xxx


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