2 January 2011


Last night, Rowan's eczema flared up badly and she was scratcing herself to ribbons. I had to put more salve on and a long sleeved vest with tights, and even then she didn't sleep. Just scratching, and crying, and crying, and scratching. I was up all night with her.

We had a phone call from the police first thing. They are coming to interview Jenna about the bullying she is getting from some local children. It has gotten that serious.

Then we tried to take Rowan to the walk in clinic. The queue was two hours long, so they sent us to a different clinic. The waiting time at the second clinic was three hours long. So we pretty much went to grab some lunch with Em and Connor, and have now come home to wait in for the police.

As we were leaving Emma's house, Morgan tripped over her own feet and has grazed EVERY PART of her little face.

I am so done with today. Bring on tomorrow!


  1. oh sending huge hugs and I thought it was us having a bad day! Ours has just been a grumbly, tears and arguing kind of day, nothing like as stressful as yours :(

    I get patches of eczema when I am stressed or run down and I have found something that really helps is Pure raw coconut butter. I buy the tub which Funky Raw sell, it actually meant to be for eating, but this just means it is completely pure, it is fantastic for soothing angry, sore skin and my last few patches healed after a few days of regular applications of it.

    Sending brightest blessings to Jenna and hoping that she is not too traumatised by it all, how sad she has to deal with this while she is still so little.

    Sending you all lots of love
    Gina xxx

  2. That all sounds awful Sarah - poor you and poor your family. What on Earth has been going on with Jenna?
    Thinking of you all x

  3. We actually have some coconut butter in the house, we've been using my blend of olive oil, wax, and lavender but it gets so red and raw when she has been ill. :(

    Lisa: some children on the street have been a nuisance for a while but it just keeps escalating - asking for her and then running away when she comes, trying to intimidate her into letting them on to our property, and a couple of days ago it turned into some very ugly sexual bullying and we finally called the police. :(

  4. What a rough day. Hope things get sorted out for Jenna and Rowan, and that Morgan's face heals soon.

    At least that's your three for the day ( and hopefully a bit longer than that too!)

    (((hugs))) to you all

  5. How awful - I hope the police were kind.

  6. When it rains, it truly pours. My younger daughter has skin troubles as well, and a bit of pain reliever in addition to the lotions is a help for her. Sending you a glimmer of sunshine and a cup of tea. I hope the police are helpful with regards to the bullying, how horrible.

  7. Many hugs your way Sarah, poor Jenna, I hope things get better soon. x

  8. Thinking of you all xx
    Lou xx

  9. Oh lovely big (((hugs))). We are still battling eczema, Iz is 12 now. It's horrible and you have my complete sympathy. Have you cut out dairy? Keeping wheat to a minimum seems to help too.

    Can't even imagine how horrid you've felt about Jenna's experience, the world is mad :o(

    Amanda xx

  10. *Hugs* Everything that Claire and Lisa said. Hope the police were kind and that Rowan and Morgan heal soon.

  11. Oh sweetheart I hope tomorrow is a lot more joyful. Poor Jenna, how horrible to have to talk to the police, and for you guys to feel that the bullying is bad enough to warrant it too. Not nice at all.

    Ohhh and bless Morgan, I do hope she has a much better day tomorrow and Rowan's skin is less irritating tonight and she gets some sleep and is less stressed about it all.

    Just lots of hugs and warm thoughts for your entire lovely family, hun. If you need to rant you are always welcome to call - or text me and I'll give you a buzz :-)

    Blessing, my dear.

  12. Sending you big hugs

    I hope that tomorrow brings some relief from this bad day, that the police were kind with Jenna, and Morgan and Rowan heal quickly


  13. Sending you guys lots of peaceful thoughts. It has to get better from here, some days are just awful but others remind us that even when its dark and grey the sun is shining and will evenutally show his face again, hopefully soon.HUGS

  14. ((hugs)) to you all!
    sending you warm wishes of better days to come! hope the police were helpful and rowan and Morgan arent too uncomfortable!
    x x

  15. So sorry to read that, the bullying has escalated, two of our older girls were targeted by teenage youths on our road. Em had a nearly full beer can thrown at her, Sara was chased by a motorbike on the pavement, we had tyres slashed on the cars and paint thrown at them and our property. It is truly horrible when it occurs, but please God the police do have policies to intervene and hopefully something good will come from this.

    On the skin front I had horrendous eczema when pregnant with Pip and found the Bach Rescue Cream to be an absolute sanity saver!

    Sending hugs and a prayer
    San xx

  16. Sometimes this can be a nervous problem or allergy to food or household products. Stinging nettle powder or teas are wonderful for internal use to treat ezcema. A few minutes ago whilst placing my www.mountainroseherbs.com order I read about Kudzu Root which helps with skin problems, it's a starchy root, it might help, I'm sure you could use it externally to. It's also used to make pastas and flours in Asia.


    I hope your days are kinder. Sending healing thoughts.


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