12 January 2011

Picture Catchup

Yes, the camera is back! Time for lots of assorted pictures of my children and the things we get up to on a normal week. :) Pre-epiphany playing with the new Christmas toys, for example.
in between 049
And baking cakes.
in between 043
Can you see fireworks? Yes, I can see some, PINK ones!
in between 058
Play kitchen play. So much for worrying Jenna would outgrow this too quickly!
in between 060
Some incomprehensible but very happy all-day game, involving Narnia but that's as much as I gathered to be honest! Listening to them is such an education, and it always fills me with nostalgia and joy combined.
in between 059
in between 061
in between 063
Visiting Connor. Oh, well, and Emma and flu-stricken Chris too of course.
in between 046
Yes, he DID get tall didn't he? And very grown up and lovely he is too. :) Such a handsome young man.
in between 084
Here we have Rowan being dressed as a gypsy by Jenna. Well why not?
in between 052
in between 054
And yep, she still happily submits to such things. As long as there is food bribery involved, anyway. The broken amber necklace is still not mended, but we got this one as a stopgap (thankyou so much for the pennies, you know who you are).
in between 035
More Morgan games. This one while Jenna was at the pantomime with her daddy. :)
in between 036
And itchy-dry but super-sweet lovely Roo. The Starflower is really working, almost magical how different her skin is from being so inflamed earlier in the week. After that one dose of steroids she hasn't had any more, and I do credit it to the essential oils. Thankyou so much Uma for recommending it!
in between 037
Even just selecting these photos, my precious amazing wild things make me SMILE. :)
in between 040
Thankyou to all those who have commented on my previous post! It's so exciting to hear from you all. I love comments. I'm going to love deciding what to make for one of you! :)


  1. Lovely catch up, and I love Rowan's top in the last two pictures.

    Happy days x

  2. Me too, it was a gift from Amber, in a big parcel of clothes all the way from America for us. :) It has fitted for ages, too!

  3. Gorgeous photos :-)

    Hehehe the gypsy costume kinda reminded me of the time Rye got dressed up in all the playsilks... tho he said he was a pirate,lol.

    Ahhhh, you do not know how tempted I am every time I see such gorgeous photos to up sticks and move back north!

  4. i have to laugh at the picture of the girls in their pj pants--Ingrid has both of them!

    I have a pile of clothes for Rowan that have been sitting here FOREVER!! Thanks for reminding me :)

  5. I have to tell you, this post kind of makes me believe we HAVE to have another child. How can I rob my beautiful daughter of the priviledge and joy of playtime with a sister or brother?

    Lovely post, truly - oh and I have a BIG thing for play kitchens... one of these days!

  6. Amber, the PJs were a gift from a family friend visiting from the US. We love them, so warm!

    Luschka, aw I love the fabulous relationship my daughters have with each other, but there are definitely moments when I wonder how many directions it's possible to be pulled in. I really can't imagine them not having each other though. :)

    The play kitchen is stunning the Moulin Roty one, expensive, but so well made and a beautiful timeless piece of furniture. I haven't regretted one penny of that purchase.


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