11 January 2011


Just over four years ago, my little Morgan made her way earthside. I started to write, a daily record of what life was like now that I had two children.
Morgan Anne Clark 043
It was mostly, to be honest, in response to the sheer number of comments I recieved in pregnancy about how I would stop "all that" when I knew what parenting was REALLY like, when I had two children to juggle, etc. (All that, in this case, meaning baby-led breastfeeding, babywearing, any other visible hallmarks of a conscious valued attachment!) Also most of what I could find online at the time was about attachment parenting a baby with no mention of siblings. So I started to write my own story. I realise now, of course, that I was starting what could well be a lifelong habit of journalling in some form or another.

After just over a year I put everything across onto Blogger. It has its faults, but I am used to the general quirkiness now, and the limitations are pretty few for me. I've been here since. In those years I have been part of communities on IVillage, Mums Online, Gentle Christian Mothers, The Green Parent, and I have had long periods of not using any message boards at all. One fun thing in life online is that occasionally I meet someone and we both have a "don't I know you from somewhere else" moment. :) Oh, and I have learned how to use pictures in posts, though I never claimed to be capable of moderation in any given situation.

Since figuring out what to do with pictures I have also been recognised in real life a couple of times. Which, since really my blog is only known by a small circle of friends from online communities, is quite impressive.

In 1000 posts, I have learned a lot about myself. And about my propensity to ramble, also, clearly. In four years I have gone places I never dreamed. Not all of them wonderful actually, as I'm sure you know, but all of them real. I doubt it would be possible to give anyone a true picture of what my life looks like, but I think I've given it a good try! I cannot begin to imagine what the next 1000 posts might look like.

In thanks, for sharing the journey, for however long or short a time... My first and possibly only giveaway. ;) Please, comment away, lovely people! Don't be shy! And I will select someone at random and make you something special. I will hold off til Sunday, for those of you who have a better internet/life balance than I. :)


  1. I have loved sharing the journey with you, and look forward to where the journey takes us all for the future, xx

  2. Dear Sarah,

    I always find your thoughts on life, love and faith such an inspiration. You are brave too to tell it how it is.

    May you continue to be a blessing to others in all that you do.

    With love and a big hug
    San xx

  3. I am really glad that there are people like you out there willing to share their lives with others.When i had the girls there was little information about gentle mothering out there and some of the things we were told to do with our eldest i now look back on cringing.At least there are people like you who are getting the word out in their own way, helping mothers find a better way to raise their children.Thankyou.

  4. Wow a thousand posts, and the ones I've joined you on have been lovely to read - a real life journey, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Have fun making those memories for the next 1000 posts, congratulations x

    Dawn xxx

  5. Regular lurker, occasional commenter... Thanks for articulating so much of what I think, and aspire to in my parenting of my 3 little boys. I love hearing about your lovely daughters... Thanks for sharing!

  6. 1000 posts!! That's impressive. I am so glad I came across your blog, you always keep it realistic and don't gloss over the hard parts of parenting and being a mom.

  7. wow!! 1000! Although I haven't been along for the whole time, I've certainly enjoyed what I've read. Keep going, mama!

    (oh and isn't the recognising thing funny?? I always get sooooooooo embarrassed)

  8. Dear Sarah, I haven't been here for your 1000 posts but I have loved each and one that I've read...
    Today I have an award for you and your blog in my blog... please stop by and take a look, grab it, make it yours...
    Love as always, Shanti

  9. COngratulations on 1000 posts! It is always fun to read about what that lovely trio of yours is up to!

  10. Ive been reading your blog since i "met" you (about 3 years ago i think!) on ivillage teenage mums (yummymummy1988) ive loved reading about you & your family, you truly are inspirational. Im thankful to you & your family for sharing with us. 1000 posts just goes to show the people who said you couldnt do it how very wrong they where! looking forward to reading about your adventures in the future! Love Amy x

  11. Well you already know I credit you with bringing me into the fold of Attachment parenting :-)

    I am so very pleased I first "met" you on Ivillage, which began a wonderful parenting journey.

    Thank you, my dear.

  12. I first stumbled across your blog on IVillage when I was sitting in the dark, trying to get my then only daughter to sleep. I still hesitate to call myself "AP", although I'm learning that it's more of an overall attitude rather than a set list of do's and don'ts. It's an immense privilege to share in your journey - and to realise that I'm not the only Mum to shout and hide from the kids from time to time :D

    Well done you! Here's to the next 1000! And our babies are 4 (or nearly there). Where does the time go?

  13. 1000 posts! Wow :) Just wanted to say, I always enjoy popping in our your space from time to time. You have a lovely blog!
    Much Peace.

  14. Sarah -
    i first read your wisdom when my older one was just a baby - shes five now! I am a serial lurker (and felt i should own up) and have read everyone of your 1000 posts and found them all inspirational. Your honesty and commitment to your children is a credit to you. I think on your posts and apply some of your wisdom to my own family life - the biggest lesson i take from you and i thank you for 'teaching' me it - is to respect my children as tiny people in their own right with their own views and feelings. I try to remember this when they are not doing as i would like - i put myself in their shoes and think 'would i like what is being asked of me?' It has helped me resolve things on many occasions.
    Wishing you and your beautiful girls all the very best as you journey forward to the next 1000 posts.

    Lorna x

  15. Sarah, You know I have loved sharing your journey since your very first post!

    1000 posts wow! What a wonderful thing for your girls to look back on :)

    Gina xx

  16. Sarah
    1000 posts is impressive and so I thought a symbolic time to make my first!
    I've followed your little family since the ivillage days and loved it when you moved to blogging as we got to see snapshots of the family that you'd always talked so lovingly about.
    Although I do not necessarily raise my childre in the same way as you and Martin I find your thoughts and ponderings often give me something to think about and a reason to slow down and breathe!
    I have laughed, smiled, cried and sometimes disagreed with the posts you make but I cannot help but check in at least every few days to see what is going on with the carried family!!!
    So long may you blog and maybe I should comment more often

  17. no one has ever welcomed me into their home and looked after my children like they are one of their own like you do sarah.

    love you and all 3 amazing girlies millions

    kim xx

  18. Wow, a thousand posts. It's been lovely sharing all the ups and downs with you xxx


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