19 January 2011

Room for Living

We finally did the big move round in this crowded downstairs space! This part of my Spring Clean I was really dreading, but maybe that just helped me get it all done earlier in the year.

I loved the toy area like this, such a visible presence in the room. But it has been an issue with toys falling down behind the radiator - not to mention two shelves being mostly inaccessible. And the huge TV unit really really did need to go.
in between 027
in between 028
So, all change. :) You know that stage when things look worse before they get better? We did that a couple of days ago. This is just at the point when I felt the tide was turning and I could once more cross the room without injury.
be 032
This little table surface is so important to us, for drawing and reading, for setting up scenes at a nice height. I couldn't decide quite how to have it in the new space. But this, well, it kind of works. If only I could get rid of the horrible gas fire we never use!
be 031
The kitchen/role play area is now here.
be 037
The sofa now has a good view of the PC screen for DVD and Youtube watching, hoping to wean us off the actual TV - not for philosophical reasons but for the sheer space it would give us to get rid of the old screen.
be 030
Toy shelves - more accesible for play now.
be 034
The window is no longer covered, which means the room is so much brighter. Downside, I now really HAVE to clear the window ledge of junk! The big bookcase has had a total makeover and oh I love it, everything so accessible and beautiful and so many little bits of unschooling inspiration strewn around on there.
be 036
But *phew* what a lot of cleaning and tidying we did. :) *proud moment*

Note, yes, I did honestly think that by making the photographs display slightly smaller I may be able to pretend my house is not actually so messy and full of stuff as all that. On balance, I think it failed at disguising how far we have to go to simplicity! ;)


  1. It all looks lovely, and you have the most beautiful toys :-)

  2. Thankyou, we really do, we are very blessed with relatives that allow me to purchase from Myriad on their behalf lol. I do love the rainbowness. :) They all need a good clean though!

  3. It's good to change things around sometimes, looking good mama, look at all that space or has it been filled yet? ;)

    Could you disguise the fire? Is the fire connected? Maybe you could have a temporary cover over it with some added shelf space. It's always hard to disguise/work around things that can't be taken out. We took out our fire but to remove the fireplace would have been a huge job so it remains and we just try tou use the space as best we can.

    Hope you all have a lovely day today x

  4. Looking wonderful!

    Love Gina xx

  5. We dream of lack of clutter, and simplicity but then my nightmares consist of me having our stuff taken away! I'm sure we could live without so much, of course at the caravan we do, but it's our comforts and we wouldn't be without. I guess the key is to appreciate it all and only have what gets full use.
    Now I'm feeling inspired to have another sort out!

  6. I'm thinking about getting rid of my TV as well and just using the computer. With on-demand websites as well now (and wakeful little ones in the evenings!) I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I've watched anything on it in the past year.

    It should save money as well because you don't need a TV licence if you are only using the online on-demand services like BBC iPlayer etc.

    Amy (foreversomeday)

  7. I knew I'd seen THAT fire somewhere before, it resembles mine in our dining room!! LOL. It's circa 1970'ish I think; ours is the next upgrade as we actually have a recessed area either side for ornaments, not that we have any!!

    I have to admit said gas fire came in handy this evening when I was struggling with the log burner and my resident pyrotechnic hubby was in the workshop. I've thawed out quite nicely in front of it!!

    The changing rooms/area pictures look great, keep up the good work!

    Hugs San x

  8. Sometimes a change is a wonderful thing.Just moving the furniture around can crate a great deal of new space and I am sure the extra light is making things less "cold"!We did our lounge late last year cause I just got sick of the lack of room...now mum probably wants to shoot me as she is babysitting the 6ft fish tank!(no fish though)

  9. Looks great! I love their toys!


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